Many audiophiles love to download songs on their gadgets for offline listening, and one good source of music today is Soundcloud. This music streaming platform features music artists from different genres. You can stream them online or listen to them without an internet connection. 

However, downloading music tracks from Soundcloud isn’t always simple. There are songs that you can download for free if the artist makes them available for download. But other tracks are only available for offline streaming or limited to only a number of downloads. 

Thanks to online extractors and music downloaders, you can now save your favorite tunes from Soundcloud on your device. Read this blog post to learn how to download music from soundcloud

Download Soundcloud Music Using Its Download Feature
As noted earlier, it’s on the artists whether they will allow their tracks to be downloaded or not. If they put their music for download, you’ll see a Download button beneath the song or under the More option next to the track. 

You just have to click on the Download button to save the song on your device. This download feature is available on Soundcloud’s website, Soundcloud Go+, and Soundcloud Go, If you can’t find the Download icon, the artist probably didn’t sanction his/her music to be downloaded. 

Moreover, there are cases when you click on the Download button, and it directs you to another website from where you can download the audio file. Some of these websites demand you to log in using your social media account or sign up with them before you can download the music track. 

Using KlickAud to Download Tracks from Soundcloud
KlickAud is among the most popular music downloaders right now. This web-based tool enables you to convert an audio file from Soundcloud into MP3 and save it on your device. There’s no need to create an account or install plug-ins to use this music downloader. 

It’s no hassle to use this online tool. You just have to follow this step-by-step guide to download Soundcloud tracks using KlickAud. 

1. First, you need to copy the URL of the Soundcloud song. To do that, right-click the title of the music track and select Copy Link Address option. 
2. Open a new window and navigate to the official site of KlickAud. Then, paste the copied URL on the conversion box and click the Convert icon.
3. Once you’re directed to a new page tab, click on the Download the Song button. 
4. Wait for the MP3 file to be saved on your device. 

Download Soundcloud Songs Using Kapwing
Another online tool that you can use to download music tracks from Soundcloud is Kapwing. This download method is free of charge and compatible with various devices, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and personal computers. Here are the steps on how you can download songs from Soundcloud using Kapwing. 

1. Search Soundcloud for the music tracks you want to download. You can type in the song or artist on Soundcloud’s search bar or browse through the trending music tracks. 
2. Get the URL of the song you want to download by right-clicking the track title and clicking on the Copy Link Address. 
3. Go to the official site of Kapwing ( and look for the Video Converter in the tools menu. You’ll be directed to the Video Converter page, and then paste the copied Soundcloud link on the input box. 
4. Select MP3 in the list of file types and click on the Download button beneath the audio file preview. 
5. Wait for the MP3 file to be downloaded on your device. 

Soundcloud has a download feature for you to save your favorite tracks. But this is not available to all songs. So, you need third-party tools to download songs from the popular music streaming service. Consider Kapwing and KlickAud for that purpose.