We will not only tell you the average price list but also explain what factors influence the price. However, before that, could you answer our question as well? How much does it cost to buy a phone in 2020? 

“Wait for it”, you’ll say. “You haven’t told about your needs and what segment should the phone be in. The cheapest Xiaomi costs 100$, and for the most expensive iPhone, you’ll have to pay 1450$. Will it be right if you tell “from 100 to 1500 dollars”? No, and we won’t do the same. 

So, the first thing that influences the price is the scale of your project. 

Small business. You have a limited number of products, or your project is a start-up and you don’t want to risk it all. The most reasonable decision would be to choose a simple design with simple features. Just to give your project a try. When choosing eCommerce platforms you can go for WooCommerce or Opencart. They are open-source and there are a lot of devs, who can develop your website shop with them. It’s relatively cheap.

Mid-sized business. Here you have a broad audience and a bigger number of products. Not only you’ll have to add new features to the website, but you’ll also have to hire more devs to develop your project. Also, it’s time to think about changing an eCommerce platform to a more complex one, like Magento.

Enterprise business. The enormous scale of products and their options, the world-wide delivery - it makes you keep the reputation. The website should work fast, be appealing, and function with no bugs. For such results, you’ll have to hire a team of devs, who are used to working on complex projects. Why? Because not only you have a lot of products and many pages, but also many people visit your page every minute. The maintenance is inevitable, and it better be good. 

What do you have to pay for? 
  • Domain name - about 15$ a year
  • Setup - 300$ for small business, 1000$ for mid-sized, >2000$ for enterprise
  • Design - 3000$ for a small project, 10k$ for mid-sized, 20k$ for a big one
  • Development - 20k$, and the number is increasing with the business enlargement
  • Testing - 5k$ on average
  • Maintenance - 5k$ on average per month

However, there are other factors, apart from the business scale, that influence the price. Those are:
  • the novelty of the project (it can be entirely new, or redesign and redevelopment)
  • the number of pages
  • varieties of products (colors, sizes, shapes)
  • content (if you have it - you save money. If you don`t - you`ll need to hire content creator)
  • payment solutions for your customers
  • marketing strategies
  • blog (additional payments for developing it, and then for writing in it)
  • website view across smartphones, tablets, not only computers (now it’s a must)

Average numbers for website creation vary from 30k$ to 100k$, depending on the factors we described above. We could tell you're the minimal price for the eCommerce website and go drink our tea and coffee. However, we hope you want creative decisions and great results. It’s pretty hard to estimate the exact number which would fit any reader of this article. Because we don’t know you. Just as you don’t know us and our smartphone preferences. So we postpone our tea-coffee ceremony for another time to get acquainted and answer questions about your website at any time! Sapient development team works with different business scale. Don’t hesitate to contact us.