Change is the only constant in life and it is an important aspect that everyone must bring to their life. However, change in a business is even more important to keep up with the changing trend. While physical stores can make changes in their stores by placing new branding and shelves, bringing changes in an e-commerce store is a challenge. 

However, revamping your e-commerce store can breathe fresh air into your e-commerce store business. If you are not convinced yet, here are 8 reasons why you should revamp your e-commerce website:

1. Optimize for mobile

A majority of traffic on the internet, these days, is driven by mobile. If your e-commerce website is not optimized for an audience who likes to shop using a mobile device, then you are missing out on a lot of potential clients. Perform the Google mobile-friendly responsiveness test on your e-commerce website and check whether your website needs a revamp or not.

2. Structured website design

It is important to have a structured website to make the user experience for customers smooth. If you are experiencing an increased bounce rate on your website, your website’s overall structure and site navigation could be a reason behind it. Revamping an e-commerce website by improving the structure, navigation and load time could prove beneficial for your business. You can hire a reputed web application development company for improving your website’s design.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the major areas to focus when you want to outsell your competitors in an e-commerce business. It is crucial that your website must rank in the top position whenever a user searches with the keyword related to your business. You can improve your website’s SEO score by revamping your website. 

4. Reflect business ideology

Your e-commerce website is the first point of contact for users with your business and it should reflect your business’ ideology. You can revamp your e-commerce website and bring about changes in design and branding to make it point towards your business ideology. You can add awards and recognitions you have received overtime to make your business more credible for customers.

5. Dead links and non-functional parts

Does your website have dead links and non-functional parts? You can fix the issues with your website by revamping it. The revamping procedure could involve deploying useful links on the top and removing all the non-functional parts that are killing the overall performance of your business. You can also rearrange your website in the process of revamping.

6. Security Issues

People on the internet care very much about their online security. If your website is not loading on the HTTPS which is the standard for secure websites, then you must revamp it. Moreover, users won’t like to buy anything from your e-commerce website if it displays a warning that your website is not safe to visit. 

7. Add product reviews section

You can add a section on your business’ e-commerce website where users can post their reviews about the products you sell on your website. It increases the trust of your potential users as they are more likely to follow the advice of other users who have purchased the products.

8. Integrate social media 

You can integrate your social media accounts on your website to engage more users and open new channels of user engagement in your e-commerce business. For increased conversions, you can take the benefit of social media marketing which could be a great means to drive more business.

9. Improving product presentation

Product presentation has improved significantly over the past few years. Users expect reviews, multiple images and videos so they get a better perspective of the product before purchasing. Simply redoing the product presentation itself can significantly improve the overall conversion of the site.