A jackpot can be said to be extra big wins which you can get from playing some games in a casino. The size of the pot varies and is linked to different factors. Casinos which are online sometimes connecting their jackpots and winners can come from any of the connected casinos. Jackpots have always played a significant role in bringing players to casinos as they are still chasing the big win. 

In this piece, we will be discussing the way jackpots are connected by exiting the different types of jackpots and show they are connected. This is a cloud computing example happening in worldwide. Looking into Europe as an example – multiple online casinos throughout the continent run with the same jackpot so you can win it a various casinos whether your are a dane playing on “danske kasinoer” or you’re a finn spinning the reels at “suomalaiset kasinot” which are the native words for online casinos.

Types of jackpot Casinos

There are four types of jackpots, namely local jackpots, network jackpots, fixed jackpots, and progressive jackpots.

Local jackpot

The local jackpots are made up of bets from players at a particular casino. This can be likened to a raffle for a group of locals where only individuals who purchase tickets are allowed to participate. This, therefore, means the winner will be a local.

Although one game can be available at several casinos, the pot is formed from bets made by players at each casino. This often results in smaller pots per casino because it is restricted to chances by local players only. Famous examples of this include Tiki Wonders and Gold Rush.

Network jackpot

Network jackpots are made of bets from players across multiple casinos which host the particular game.  This makes it more like a national lottery. Players from different parts of the country contribute to the pot when they play. The winner of the pot can come from anywhere in the country or areas that are connected to the game.

Network jackpots are among the largest because many players contribute to its size. Network games come in varying forms, so it is possible to find slots, table games, scratch cards, and others. 

Fixed jackpot

This type of pot does not change or grow in value. It is a fixed pot and players have a chance to take away a predetermined sum if they win. This system is built into the game and does not rely on bets made by players both local or foreign. Fixed jackpots are also called cash pot jackpots.

Some jackpot slots offer both fixed and progressive pots. Progressive pots are usually considerably more substantial than set pots and but they are usually harder to win.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are so named because they grow with each player. If a player makes a bet across any of the linked casinos, the pot grows. These pots tend to be attention-grabbing as their sizes grow to be large and can sometimes grow to enormous proportions. Progressive jackpots tend to last over weeks.

Each time a player makes a £1 bet on a progressive jackpot, titles that use the continuous system, for example, Hall of Gods or Mega Fortune add a percentage to the prize pool. Progressive jackpots are usually quite popular, and they typically have thousands of players betting each day. This often contributes to the pot reaching several million.