Preserving the good old memories and letting go of bad times is the most visible activity for any person. While memories occupy their own space in our souls and brains, there are numerous ways in which we can improve the process of remembrance. Browsing on photos of friends, family, happy occasions, and videos of fun events, are probably the best-known techniques for storing and remembering the beautiful past life. 

A family photo collection is, therefore, the most valued item of numerous individuals. And it is sure to bring you a smile on your face at any time you view it. Besides, a scrapbook is made to store photos and events in a lively and meaningful way. And if you are planning to create an exquisite scrapbook, visit Fotor: A free online design maker where you can create a good scrapbook.

How to design an exquisite scrapbook online

1. Start
Browse through Fotor to start this process. Press “create new project” under the Scrapbook category.
2. Choose a template
Fotor provides a large selection of ready-to-use designs. You can select from a variety of designs, based on event classifications like Child, school year, pets, etc.
3. Upload pictures
Press on the “Get photos “bar to retrieve pictures from your local disk. And then drag and put the photos to the scrapbook templates.
4. Editing
Fotor has many pre-created scrapbook page kits, Clip art, and background papers. You can customize them with your pictures and the content editing features found in this platform.
5. Output
In this category, you have the option of either to print or to share. You share the scrapbook with your family and friends through email or any social media platform.
Reasons to use Fotor.
Fotor scrapbooking has managed to add ease to the act of attempting this hobby. As a result, more and more individuals are becoming addicted and are more than willing to try this. Creating a scrapbook On Fotor, allows you to include images, styles, themes, and designs that match the actual physical form of an album. Besides, you also have the chance to share your creativity with friends through the web. This design tool also gives you a chance to try out the different styles and then change them, if you don’t like the results of your scrapbook.
The various options for a customized Fotor scrapbook come in the form of designs, sketches, photo editor, stickers, shapes, videos, and pictures that can be rotated, resized, and personalized to your liking. You can as well include an audio track and make the most out of Fotor while sharing your specialty with the world.
Any occasion or event can shape an appropriate theme to create a scrapbook. Therefore, if you want to capture the precious memory of a happy event forever, you must seductively add the photos and memories of such events in a scrapbook. So, check out Fotor and let your hobby be a complete outlet for your creativity and artistic skills.