Google is the most-used search engine in the world with over three billion searches made per day—that's nearly 35,000 searches per second and about 70 percent of the world's search inquiries. What makes Google so popular though? Why is it such a powerful search engine?

It’s Unique

One stand out aspect of Google’s algorithm is that it is unique. Google is the only search engine that personalizes results to users. If tracking is enabled, this means no two searchers will receive the same results. Results may be tailored to location, prior search history, site visitation, and more.

This personalization means that any given user is far more likely to get the results they are looking for on the first try. In a society obsessed with instant results—getting it right the first time is a serious ranking factor.

It’s Part Of Our Culture

Have you ever heard anyone say, “just Bing it?” Chances are you haven’t, and you never will, but you’ve almost unquestionably said or heard the phrase, “Google it.” Even users that look to other search engines often still use this type of language. Google successfully made itself synonymous with an Internet search, and in the process cemented themselves as the culturally-preferred search engine. 

Their Algorithms Are Unknown

All search engines, Google included, use an algorithm to define results users receive when searching. The specific algorithm they use is not made public, but it this formula that ultimately decides if a website succeeds or fails. This secretive formula actually improves search results. After all, it’s much harder to game a system you don’t know how works. To complicate things further, Google is continually evolving and changing that algorithm to present the most accurate results.

None the less, clever web designs and writers have singled out some factors that play a role in ranking well on Google, and the implementation of those factors is called search engine optimization (SEO). To rank well on Google, having quality content seems to reign supreme, but there's more to it than that too.  If you're not familiar with SEO, your best bet is to find the best SEO company in Cincinnati to help optimize your site.

It’s Fast, Clean, And Adaptable

Finally, Google shows users fewer ads in their results compared to their competition and keeps their page weight low. This efficiency means no matter how subpar your Internet may be—which is especially important to the growing mobile market—the search engine page loads fast. 

It also loads fast no matter what you're looking for. Google shines in the adaptability of its services. You can find maps, online shopping, reviews, do research, and so much more from a single source with the easy tab system Google has chosen to use.

Looking To The Future

While there’s no telling what the future will bring in Internet search trends, it’s unlikely that Google will slip from the top spot in the search engine game any time soon. Their unmatched popularity, brand notoriety, unique and spam-busting algorithm, and quick, clean site design have seen to that.