Using Emoticons or emoji is often a common practice among the iPhone and other mobile devices. These help in expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions to people we are communicating. But the big question is how to do in Mac? It all started in Japan while people used to text messages using these emoticons for showcasing their facial expressions and other things using a blend of keyword characters. For a while, we have seen the emoji images being created inside the iOS and MAC to make the chats more exciting and fun. However, entering Emjoi on Mac can be done without worrying about the facetime camera not working or not, let's check them as under: 

Using Emoji on Mac

The moot point here is to add the emoji picker over the Menu bar, and then you can start using it in your chats or texts. For doing this, all you need to do is to position the cursor in any text field which you desire to insert like an emoticon, like posting any tweet for instance. Now, you just have to use a keyboard shortcut command-spacebar and control together to start accessing the emoticon. Now, you are supposed to double click the emoticon, which you are keen on using and required to be interested at the point where you had left your cursor. The emoticons are divided over a couple of categories - Smileys and people, Nature and Animals, Nature, Travel, places, Food, drink, flags and symbols. If you are not interested in scrolling through the list of emoticons, you can easily search the field for finding the emoticons you would like to use. Now, type in the first few letters over the face, action or object you are keen on using and then narrow down our options accordingly. 

Adding emoji picker to the Menu bar

If you are keen on getting the emoji picker over the fingertips, you just can do from the system preferences along with adding the emoji picker over the Menu bar over the top of your OS - Mac. Now, you just have to click over the Apple symbol seen over the top left corner of your screen and then check the preferences. All you need to do is to click the keyboard. Now, you need to click the option box and then Show the keyboard along with the emoji-keyboard-mac over the Menu Bar. 

The Mac Quick Emoji Keystroke

The Quick Emoji was Command + Control + Space. Once you find the emoji character panel over the screen, using arrow keys you can easily navigate around the different emoticons. Now, you just have to hit the Return key in or to place over the chosen Emoji character over the document, message or text box or when you find the typing over the Mac. This simply means you can easily access, place and type Emoji without actually leaving your keyboard. There is also a search option in this emoji panel that helps in finding the desired one using meaning or description.