Nowadays, discovering and enjoying all sorts of online videos appears to be one of the main activities in our daily life. However, some video-sharing platforms are so strict that they only allow us to stream videos online instead of downloading them. Worse still, some of them may ask you to pay for their download service. Therefore, searching for the best solution to watch online videos offline when there's no access to Internet connection is still a big deal for us.

Luckily, we made VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader here. As long as you want to download online video for offline viewing, VidPaw must be the best choice for you. Let's check out this review to see how VidPaw works. 


VidPaw - The Best Online Video Downloader
How to Download Online Videos with VidPaw for Offline Streaming
Two Extra Solutions to Download Online Videos with VidPaw

VidPaw - The Best Online Video Downloader

Supporting downloading online videos from over 1,000 sites with various output selections, 
VidPaw Online Video Downloader realizes the demand for downloading customized video to come true. Apart from offering the online video download service, VidPaw also enables you to search for online videos directly so that you can enjoy the search and download function together perfectly. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for a way to extract soundtrack from YouTube video, we got a good news for you - VidPaw has already added a YouTube to MP3 Converter for you, which means that you can download YouTube videos with high quality in MP3 format right now on VidPaw. 

Surely, since VidPaw provides ads-free interface and no sign-on process, we ensure that the download process is just as easy as a piece of cake. 

VidPaw always keeps users in mind and pus the users' using security at the first place. In other words, VidPaw won't disclose your personal information and offers you a 100% safe download service - it contains neither virus nor bundled malware as well. Thus, if you are searching for the best online downloader, VidPaw must be the the only one you should have. 

Moreover, VidPaw is quite simple to use. Even you are a green hand and this is the first time you know VidPaw, you can exactly get its operating steps without hassle.
How to Download Online Videos with VidPaw for Offline Streaming

Note: VidPaw has its own built-in search bar now, which allows you to search your favorite online video inside VidPaw by hitting the "↓" icon directly.

However, if you can't find your favorite video from the search results on VidPaw, don’t worry, here we will show you a step-by-step tutorial to help you get your downloaded online video by simply coping and pasting the link to VidPaw.

STEP 1. Paste the Online Video Link to VidPaw

Firstly, search for the online video you want to download on the video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. Then play the video and copy its link. After that, open another tab and head to VidPaw to paste the link in the specific frame. 

STEP 2. Download the Video with Your Desired Output Format and Quality

Hit on the "Download" icon, and VidPaw will automatically analyze the link, showing you the information of the online video. Meanwhile, you will also get various output selections. Now all you need to do is to choose your desired output format and quality for the video.

Finally, hit on the "Download" icon, then the video will be finished downloading within seconds.

Two Extra Solutions to Download Online Videos with VidPaw

Maybe some of you may thought that the method I have mentioned above is a little bit troublesome? We will offer you the other 2 solutions which would be more convenient for you to download online videos with VidPaw.

Solution 1. Set A Download Icon to Download Online Videos

STEP 1. Add Tampermonkey Extension

To begin with, installing the Tampermonkey to your browser to make sure VidPaw Extension can run smoothly. However, pay attention that you can only install the Tampermonkey Extension to the browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari because VidPae Extension is only available on them at present.


STEP 2. Add VidPaw Download Icon below the Video

Once you have successfully installed the Tampermonkey Extension to your browser, now click VidPaw Extension to install the VidPaw Extension, too. Then, search for the video you gonna download right now on some platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, scroll down and you will see the icon of VidPaw has already set below the video.

STEP 3. Download the Video by Simply Click on the Icon

When you see the download icon, click on the icon and you will find that the page will redirect to VidPaw's download page immediately. All you need to do is to select your favorite output format and quality for the video to download it.

Solution 2. Change URL to Simply Download Video

NOTE: Currently, the method is only available for downloading YouTube online videos.

STEP 1. Open the browser to head to YouTube official site, then search for the video you want to download.

STEP 2. Play the video, and change its link on the top address bar by adding "paw" behind "youtube". Just like "".

STEP 3. Hit on the "Enter" key on the keyboard and the page will automatically redirect to VidPaw download page. Then select one output selection for the video and click on "Download" to download the YouTube video to your PC.

Compared to other online downloaders, VidPaw has its own shining points and highly meets each user's need. VidPaw insists on improving itself and try to bringing more convenient for people to use its services. So, we convince that whenever you want to save video from any video sharing sites, VidPaw must the best helper for you.