The beauty of Apple iPhone 8 is unquestionable, but have you thought how you should protect this fragile beauty? You may have to go outside of your home for your work or go for attending some parties when your beautiful iPhone may get easily damaged. It is important to have suitable protection to safeguard this beauty which should be as beautiful as your phone and should be rugged enough to withstand shock. Here you can find the list of the iPhone 8 cases and covers which can give the topmost aesthetic value along with the right protection.

UAG-The most durable cover you will have: This cover has an industrial design and delivers excellent durability with a tough looking style. The UAG ragged feather like iPhone 8 cases is a great investment as it will always protect your valued phone when you drop it hard. The hard protection of this cover gives the appearance of a protective case or shell. You can tell that it will be the best protector for your phone when you see it for the first time. 

This tough look of the cover is also loved by many persons who love to have a tougher appearance while having a feather-light cover. Though it does not fall into the artistic category of covers for the iPhone 8, the rugged look of the case has a special flavor. There are around two dozen colors and styles available for this case from where you can choose yours. 

Daily Objects-The ultimate thin case that you wanted: If you are in love with a thin and tough case, you should opt for daily objects designer iPhone 8 cases. Layers of rubber and materials of polycarbonate are used in the cases to make it tough. The polycarbonate materials protect the corners and edges of the phone while the rubber layer protects the back of the phone. A combination of rubber and polycarbonate material makes the case tough enough to withstand shock upon impact. 

Silk- Gives you additional slots for keeping your smartcards: If you want a sleek cover having slots for keeping your credit cards, the Silk Wallet iPhone 8 cases should be a perfect choice. This cover has tight slots on the back of the case where you can hold cash or credit cards easily. While it gives a highly stylish look, it adds greatly to the functionality by giving you the facility to store your cash and cards while on the go. You can have four different colors of this cover which also gives protection from drops and scratches. 

Apple-Soft to the touch, gorgeous leather covers: There cannot be a better cover than Apple’s leather iPhone 8 cases which are perfectly fitted to the body of the phone with soft feather feel. Specially tanned European leather is used to get a thin patina over time in such covers, and there is a microfiber lining inside which protect the phone from scratches. There are nine attractive colors from which you can choose your favorite one when you select such gorgeous cover. The perfect fitting soft leather and wireless charging having a lot of colors for selection are the main advantages for such covers.

OtterBox-The best protection for your iPhone 8: The OtterBox Defender series iPhone 8 cases are just what you might have been looking for so long to give the right protection to your dear phone. Without limiting your choice for decent colors, these cases provide you with the best protection for the sleek and beautiful phones. Your expensive Smartphone can now safely stay in the protective cover of tough rubber exterior. There are a dozen patterns and colors available to choose from, and you can have a customizable option if you order from OtterBox. 

These covers are excellently designed to align the ports and the buttons perfectly over the phone, and perfect fit is guaranteed. The three-layer protection of the cases is highly impressive, and the case also has a built-in screen protector. Moreover, the case comes with a polycarbonate inner shell which is shock-absorbing and has a tough synthetic rubber exterior shell. This case does not make the phone bigger, and the extra price you pay is a value for your money for the safety of your phone. 

Casemate-Outshines the display of the screen: When you want your Smartphone case should outshine the display on your screen, the Case-Mate Luminescent iPhone 8 cases will be the best choice. There are inlaid crystals which light up when you touch a button and give you a cool glow. Your phone case will be visible and even when there is no light, and it can give a very cute look.  Though it is stylish, it is also very tough and has passed the toughest standards of drop test successfully and offer protection against cracks and scratches.