You have probably heard or know Microsoft Excel, but ... had you thought that there are powerful reasons to learn to use it with a certain level of depth? Do you know how to use it? What is your level?

It is known that it is an application of the type "spreadsheet" designed to perform all kinds of operations, create graphics and work with information in the form of tables, so many people have some fear of facing this application and use arguments such as "is complicated "," I'm not good at mathematics "," it's only for professionals ", etc. Nothing is further from reality.

We will see the powerful reasons why we consider it convenient to learn how to use Excel.

1. It has a high specific weight in a Curriculum.
It is a highly sought professional competence in the workplace, since it is a very versatile tool in various tasks not only calculation, but data processing and to relate to large business applications such as the well-known SAP. In many job offers is required, not a basic level or Excel, but more competitive.

2. It is easy to use.
You can avoid tedious tasks of list comparison, endless calculations of another form, automatic location of information, to elaborate summaries or reports, etc.

3. It makes work easier.
It facilitates the work and allows to finish laborious tasks that would take a long time in seconds by automating repetitive or very habitual tasks.'

4. It is a leading program in its field.
Above fads and even in front of free applications that exist in the market, has no competition. It has been shown that it is the tool of its kind most implemented, disseminated and requested in its field.

5. It has very versatile applications.
We tend to think of Excel as a kind of "giant calculator" but its calculation capacity is one of its uses: accounting, inventory, filtering, selecting, calculating deadlines and periods, notifying deadlines, managing limit quantities or stocks, comparing information and show differences, analyze and summarize information, search large volumes of information ... among other less known uses, but also extremely useful.

6. It is flexible and adaptable.
Faced with specific software and corseted, this spreadsheet allows you to grow and adapt to the growing needs of a job or company. Many Excel users develop repetitive activities at their workplace and do it well.

7. Information analysis tool.
Although these words refer us to something very sophisticated and unattainable, it is something that is easy with Excel when we face a huge or complex volume of information that, otherwise, would be nothing short of unaffordable. Each sheet can store more than 1,000,000 records of information.

8. It allows to generate quality documentation in a short time.
Its ability to calculate and process information allows managing information obtaining instant results (more if we use templates), accurate and relevant to the job.

9. It improves productivity and reduces the possibility of error.
Doing tasks in a short time is already a great advantage for you and the company, but avoiding or eliminating the possibility of making mistakes is something transcendent. Errors cost money, generate labor tensions and always problems. An advanced user of Excel has little chance of making a mistake, but it decreases the risk even more if you use Excel in such a way that differences, inconsistencies or doubtful data are shown by comparisons, warnings and various verifications. 

10. Compatibility
The compatibility allows a computer program to interact with others with guarantees of success in the transmission of information. The large programs of companies usually have a specific format to be read by Excel.

11. Formulas and functions "for everything" or "almost everything".
It has a library of functions for almost everything: data, statistics, engineering, trigonometry, finance, logic, search, databases, etc. And what you do not have can be created using your own formulas.

12. If I already learned Excel ...?
A good Excel course can serve to refresh knowledge, update you on the new versions or suggest something you had not thought could be done and save you a lot of time.

For these and other reasons, companies look for workers with advanced knowledge of Excel and users try to adapt to these labor requirements. You can Get office 2019 from here.