China has deployed many Internet filters to block social media sites, and also closely tracks email services and VoIP calls.

The list of blocked sites in China includes all sites that the adult host content. The definition of something that is classified as adult material is very strict here than that observed in the West. China also blocks all other types of objectionable and inflammable content, politically and religiously.

Use a VPN service to return your Internet freedom

Restricting access to vulgar content may be justified, but blocking social networks as well as they may contain some non-outrageous contents. How to remove your right to freedom of opinion and expression and thoughts?

To bypass filtering and Internet access for blocked sites, you can either use best VPN for China or configure your computer to use a proxy server.

Using a proxy server is cheaper than a VPN service itself, but it is often less reliable and slow. It may happen that the proxy server you are using may not be on the line when you have a fundamental job to do. This causes a VPN service the # 1 choice for businesses and personal use around the world.

Here are some key advantages of using a VPN service

Internet: Uncensored - Using a VPN allows you to explore the full potential of the internet. It allows you to ignore all internet filters posed by local authorities and allows access to all blocked sites in your area.

Security and anonymity- VPN service works by encrypting data entry. This coded data is then routed through secure tunnel for added security. This makes it very difficult for someone to steal and decrypt the encrypted data.

A VPN service also masks the user's original IP address with one of their own, so that all IP address investigations take them back to the VPN provider and not to User ISP.

Bypass traffic shaping - Many ISPs throttle fast internet when the user is using some specific Internet protocols. The VPN helps with ignoring such as traffic shaping, encrypting the data sent from the user terminal so that the ISP has no idea of what the user's online activities.

Download without worries - An encrypted connection to the Internet does not let the government and ISP determine what the user is doing on the internet. You can download movies, music, videos, games, etc., even without worrying about the consequences. They can see how much data has been used, but it is not possible to identify what you have done on the internet.

Enjoy geographically restricted content - Who does not like watching the latest television stations with the rest of the world? The sad part is that you cannot access the sites streaming TV stations if they live outside the United States.