If you own a brand new Samsung S9, it is about time that you took some protective measures as well. Samsung Galaxy S9 cover is an affordable savior of your expensive phone which protects it from cracks and environmental damages so that you can enjoy the many benefits of your brand new, lavishing phone for a long time to come. A large range of Samsung Galaxy S9 cover and case styles are available in the market. You can choose your best pick from the many options depending upon your budget, style preferences, and Smartphone needs. 

The S-View folio cover:

With the introduction of the new Galaxy phone, Samsung also introduced its own range of Galaxy SP cases. Topping this series is the modern yet conventionally rooted S-View folio case. This folio case offers a highly versatile iPhone folio case which features a crystal clear front cover and a sturdy back base. The clear base allows you to view notifications and accept calls from the screen- all the while reducing the chances of scratches. The rest of the case offers dual phone protection and can work as a temporary hands-free phone stand. 

The Hyperknit case:

Another splendid addition to the new Samsung cover series is the hyperknit case. Following on the footsteps of Google, Samsung has also adopted this highly woven, sturdy smartphone cover design in its new series. The hyperknit case is crafted from woven nylon and has an elegant red-colored finish. The case has clean cutouts and offers exceptional protection at the phone edges. The clean cutouts allow easy access to the fingerprint sensor without blocking the camera portion. 

The Alcantara case:

The new Samsung Alcantara covers have a matchless appeal and they are promised to attract your friends towards the elegance of your new phone. This smartphone cover eliminates the clutter of chunky cases because of its lightweight design and a slim fit. Featuring rugged and durable material, the Samsung Alcantara cover is a perfect match to go with your part accessories. The case offers exceptional grip, sturdiness, style, and grip to your new smartphone. 

RhinoShield Bumper Covers:

Quick and easy to install, the Rhinoshield bumper cases are a favorite pick for users who do not like a bulky encasing on their sleek phone at all but still like to stay cautious about one of those unfortunate slippery times. These covers feature bumper linings which are shock absorbent in nature. The linings, corners, and edges of your new smartphone will be protected from the shocks and fall while you access your smartphone in complete freedom. 

Slam covers:

Designed specifically for the protection of your brand new smartphone from dropping damages, these new Slam covers promise great phone protection. Like bumper covers, slam covers also have reinforced bumper linings on its corners and edges. The crystal clear back of the cover prevents the masking of elegant phone design. Slam covers are a perfect pick for you if you are looking for lightweight, robust and highly protective Samsung Galaxy S9 cover.