The Apple Mac with OS X continues to increase its market share, and much of that growth is due to PC users migrating. Although the migration is fairly straightforward, there are some applications that first-time Mac users might want to use. One such application is Internet Explorer, which holds about 38% of the US market.

In any case, if Anyone who ever is wondering how to use Internet Explorer on Mac knows one thing above all else: many of the supposed solutions bring nothing but trouble.Worse still, they are stealing the time of the user looking for a solution to use Internet Explorer on the Mac.

Why has it been difficult for users to use Internet Explorer on Mac OS?
The range of "solutions" is extremely extensive and ranges from small software helpers to special installation packages- All with the alleged ability to get Internet Explorer up and running.

However, this promise is really not held by any of the many alleged solutions which is not surprising, because the IE in its basic structure is simply not designed for Apple's operating systems.While there is no direct way to use Internet Explorer for Mac, there is a small and simple technical detour.

But if the Internet Explorer does not want Mac, just the Mac must come to Internet Explorer.

The Use of WineBottler:

This is an application that creates a virtual machine. This pretends to be a Windows operating system. This makes it easy to use Internet Explorer.

To use Internet Explorer for Mac, the Mac Winebottler application must be installed. This is available free of charge and can be downloaded from, among others, the provider of the software in the network.

Microsoft has in some way invited us in recent times to leave aside its old browser Internet Explorer in pursuit of the new Microsoft Edge appeared in the hand of the new operating system of the company, Windows 10. However, we can still enjoy Internet Explorer on different computers, such as Mac running OS, from this simple tutorial:

WineBottler is simply a kind of emulator. This pretends to be a windows system. This will allow installation of Windows software within this virtual machine.

In addition to the Internet Explorer, you can also install many other applications that are actually only run on Windows. However, depending on the complexity of the software, usage restrictions may occur.

In particular, simpler applications such as a browser, however, usually run completely trouble-free. Only current games or the like will quickly reach the limit here or are not even to start

Step by Step: Install Internet Explorer on Mac OS
1. First of all, you have to download the free program WineBottler. The downloaded .dmg file contains two programs, Wine and WineBottler, which you then simply drag into your Program Folder.

2. Once the software has been downloaded, it will be moved to the program folder on your Mac. The download includes two applications. Wine and WineBottler. Both must be moved to the Applications folder.

3. Once this process is complete, start WineBottler. It takes a moment for the application to load. Then click on "Install Predefined Prefixes".

4. WineBottler provides predefined installation routines for many Windows applications. These are located in the mentioned area.

5. Now select the Internet Explorer in the list and then click "Install". Before doing so, make sure that you have checked "Silent Install".

6. Now you can choose where to install Internet Explorer. Make your selection here and then click on "Save". It will take a few moments for the software to be installed.

7. Once the installation process is complete, find the program in the predefined directory. Double-click on the icon to start Internet Explorer.

Differences to Internet Explorer for Windows
Once you start Internet Explorer on your Mac for the first time, you will notice some differences. However, these are primarily optical in nature. This means that Internet Explorer on your Mac does not look as appealing as it would on a Windows PC.

However, the basic functionality of Internet Explorer is now also available on your Mac. As an Apple user, there is no easier way to get to the browser from Microsoft.