PDF or Portable Document Format is an open standard for document exchange. It was created by Adobe in 1993, as a way to create documents that would work the same under a variety of different operating systems, such as, Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

How to Edit PDF Files?

Adobe offers Adobe Reader for free which allows you to view the files only. You can pay 450 dollars for the Pro version which allows, you to edit the PDF files or you can just use OpenOffice to this for free. 
How Openoffice Helps In Editing The PDF Documents? 
The OpenOffice installation includes the ability to export a PDF but cannot open and edit them. To do this, you have to install the import and export extension. If the PDF document is being worked on, for instance, it has 20 pages and does not contain any advanced spectrographic and special fonts, then OpenOffice is the real solution for you. 

The Soda PDF (www.sodapdf.com) is another PDF file version that can be edited by using the OpenOffice extensions. 

What Editing Options Openoffice Offers?
You can edit the text, font style, font size, graphics and more. It also works with password protected PDF files. This is all that you need to change in your PDF file by editing it. It is very simple, easy and quick to use. 

What Happens When You Try To Open The PDF Without An Extension?
Click the start button on your desktop and go to OpenOffice program. As you click the OpenOffice.org, the window for it will open up. 

Now go to the ‘Files’ option in OpenOffice and select the PDF file and open it. You will see that it will not open the document. So, you need to download the PDF import and export extension to your system. 

How to Install the Import and Export Extension?
Go to the ‘Tools ‘menu and click the ‘Extension Manager.’ When the extension manager window will open, click the ‘Get more extensions online’ option. It will open a tab on your web browser and take you to the OpenOfiice.org extension page. 

O this page, on the left side, write PDF in the search bar and click enter. In the result results, you will get the top option of ‘Oracle PDF import extension.’ Click this link to get your import extension. As you scroll down the page, you will get various options of download for different operating systems. Download it and save a file of it to the OpenOffice directory. 

Now navigate back to the extension window of OpenOffice and click the ‘Add’ button. Select the file that you saved and click the open button. The license agreement window will open and click the accept button. Th import extension is added to your OpenOffice.org.In the same way you can install the export extension to your OpenOffice as you did for the import extension.

Now, as you have the PDF import and export extensions, you can easily edit your PDF files in whatever the way you want and require. It is very easy and simple way of getting your PDF files deleted than other options available.