Gone are the days when people used to prefer old-fashioned fireplace. It was a highly inefficient heating source that created high levels of smoke. Most homeowners now prefer a gas fireplace insert that converts inefficient fireplace into a feasible heat supply which contributes in reducing energy costs. 

Nevertheless, here are some benefits of gas fireplace inserts in your house:

1. Good source of heat

Having a gas insert installed in your fireplace can be beneficial as it is a reliable source of heat. Over 70% of the heat from the insert will be used to warm the house. These modern inserts are way more energy efficient than older pieces. These inserts have an efficiency rating of up to 80%. 

2. Cost effective

Installing a gas fireplace insert is cost effective as well. A more efficient system means less oil, gas or electricity is required to heat your home. When the insert is not in use, air tight glass doors prevent the heat from escaping which further adds to cutting energy costs. Furthermore, we have affordable gas fireplace inserts available in the market which enables homeowners to save a great deal of money in the long run.

3. Convenience

This is probably one of the most compelling advantages gas fireplace inserts have to offer. You have a remarkable benefit of enjoying incredible convenience. You can enjoy pleasant flames just by turning on a switch. When you compare this to conventional fireplaces, you will find the right reason to choose gas fireplace inserts. However, the convenience is not only that there is no need to chop and stack logs. There is also no need to tend the fire continuously to ensure embers do not escape the fireplace. The fire will continue burning without you monitoring it. 

4. Aesthetically pleasing

Gas fireplace inserts are not only about functionality. Homeowners are also worried about the way there house appears. These fireplaces are aesthetically appealing as well. There is a variety of models that one can choose from. There is a range of styles and models that enhances the visual appeal. Since these options are easier to clean, there is no need for an additional effort to maintain its visual appeal. 

5. Environmentally friendly

There is obviously a green-factor associated with gas fireplace inserts. Since they burn with high efficiency, there is very little smoke and pollution. This means that you don’t need to worry about potential environmental damages it can cause. There is no creosote and ash produced which further minimizes the negative impacts on the environment. 

6. Wide range of options

There are a number of choice when it comes to choosing this fireplace. It comes with additional features like electronic ignition, built-in-fan and wall thermostat control to maximize the functionality. 


Here were some benefits of using gas fireplace inserts. This can be convincing for many homeowners who are still stuck on traditional fireplaces. You can avail all these advantages by installing these gas fireplace inserts.