When you a healthcare office, you want to have the most effective setup possible.

With that in mind, how is your office doing and can you make improvements moving ahead?

By doing all you can to please patients and give them top-notch service, you have a much better chance of growing.

Make Patient Safety a Top Priority

In doing all you can for your patients, here are three keys to focus in on:

1. Office safety – How safe would you safe your office is? You want a setting where patients come in feeling they will be safe. That is from the minute they enter your office to when they leave and are on their way home or elsewhere. Check to see that your office is secure when it comes to doors and windows. Having a staff member up front to greet patients and see them off when they leave is always smart. 

Another thought if you have not done so up to now is putting in video surveillance of your office. This way you can keep an eye on activities. This would be both when you have office hours and what is happening around the area when the office is closed. Last, be sure to look for any potential injury spots in your office. This could be things like wet hardwood floors or carpet that is not laid correct. Also make sure no big objects could fall on a patient while they are there.

2. Best equipment – In keeping patients coming back, the best equipment is also important. For example, if you run a dental office, do you have the latest tech? This would be for when it comes to cleaning teeth, taking X-rays and more. The better technology means better care for your patients. If you run a practice that focuses on massages for back and neck issues, an electric massage table is good. Such a table allows for a relaxing setting for each patient. This is as you help to restore a better feeling for their backs and necks. At the end of the day, go through your office equipment. Make sure it is state-of-the-art and provides patients with the best in care.

3. Financial matters – Finally, do all you can to resolve things like billing issues and more that come up. The faster you can take care of such matters, the higher likelihood patients will be coming back to you. Also look at your prices for services you charge to make sure they are in line with your industry as a whole. Having good service goes a long way in keeping patients coming back. It can also help in recommending you to others. When that happens, chances are good you will grow your business as more patients come to you for services. 

In reviewing your office setup, is everything in place for many years of success?

If you need to make some changes, now would be a good time to do them with your patients in mind.