Kiev is Ukraine’s lively and energetic capital city, which, in spite of its lovely heritage and ancient culture, has never lost its youthful charm. In a city that is so rich in its heritage, cooking has become a much-appreciated art. Here, you can savor tastes that are traditionally Ukrainian, as well as flavors from across the world. Choosing your restaurant is however, the most important aspect of your meal. You must ensure that your taste buds are treated only to the best food in town, and here is a short list of where to find it.

1. Kanapa

Located on Andrew’s Descent, Kanapa is a cultural gastronomic experience, with paintings on the walls (which you can buy), and modern reinterpretations of traditional western cuisine, like caviar for example. In summer, guests can look out to the wooded part of the city as they enjoy their meals. In close proximity to this location are a bunch of Kiev’s best hotels, so if you wish to live in the heart of the city, there are several options you can check here.

2. Carpaccio Bar

One of Kiev’s most distinctly Italian tastes are served in this exotic location. Located in proximity to Maidan Square, Carpaccio Bar serves an exotic selection of Italian dishes. Guests can also choose from a collection of Italian wine or other fine drinks. After all, when it comes to European meals, alcohol adds the special flavor to these delicious occidental tastes.

3. Chi

If you love Asian food, Chi is your destination in Kiev. This restaurant offers a relief from the popular western food scene by introducing chefs from as east as China to bring in that extra element of perfection into your meal. Chi can be the ideal location for your important meeting in the day and the best nightclub in town by evening. This place also offers a number of vegetarian or vegan options that can be explored.

4. The Burger

The Burger offers American cuisine but it’s not your regular fast food joint. This outlet offers the best crisps n’ fries you can think of. People visit The Burger to taste, well … the burger! This item, along with the Mexican burger on the menu suits people of all culinary adaptations. As is the tradition with American fast food, this joint will neither be too harsh on your pocket nor too bland on your taste buds. This is a perfect place for a hearty meal.

5. Kafka

Of course, few restaurants serve the absolute comfort of a cafe, which can allow you several long periods of time in private bliss, or in deep concentration for an important meeting. After all, the best deals in the world have often happened over steaming cups of coffee. Kafka also has the perfect environment to settle cozily in with a book and a little shrug to read away while sinking into the world’s favorite drink.

6. Koza Dereza

Most people look for packages which offer them free breakfast with the hotel room. However, if you are a budget traveler, or would like a much-required escape from the continental monotony of breakfasts internationally, set out to try the options at Koza Dereza. Here, you could have the most perfect culinary start to your busy day in beautiful Kiev.

7. Il Molino

You shall not be able miss this place, as even locals frequent it. Il Molino offers you the choice of delightful pizzas. Well, don’t take our word for it; you can easily try the fantastic options on their menu. The restaurant has several locations all over Kiev, so you won’t be too far away from one. No matter where you’re living in Kiev, lovely food is only a short walk away.

Kiev has a lot to offer. From fine restaurants to coffee shops, this city allows an entirely different yet universal gastronomic experience for all. Being one of Europe’s most wonderful destinations, Kiev is designed to thrill and amaze even the most experienced traveler. For those who visit, the feel of the city grants a whole new privilege, which is unparalleled in comparison to the rest of Europe and the world.