Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medical treatment that has been successfully practiced for centuries. This form of healing involves using essential oils (derived from various plants) to be aromatically inhaled, thus receiving the wide list of benefits to treat an extraordinary list of conditions and ailments. Here are 5 Kratom aromas that can be used for this form of treatment. 

1. Calming

There are certainly several aromas that calm us down almost immediately after being introduced to them. So much so that the intensity of its soothing properties relies almost entirely upon the user – and how they react personally. However, there is an agreeing consensus amongst most of our people that there are a few distinct aromas and scents that are particularly useful in defusing high-strung emotions in ourselves. These include lavender, vanilla, green Malay Kratom, and Thai Red Vein Kratom. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to buy Kratom whenever possible. 

2. Energy

Fatigue, lethargy and overworking to exhaustion are just a few problems many of us suffer on a daily basis. Whether it’s a chronological problem, linked to our emotions, or just the overwhelming sense of “going 100 percent” all the time – these are antithetical to our productivity, happiness and the quality of our joy. Sadly, energy drinks and overindulging in caffeinated beverages (or stimulating drugs) are a response to this. Thankfully, a few Kratom strain alternatives (that are inherently healthier than other alternatives) that provide stimulation, such as Maeng Da Kratom and white vein Borneo Kratom. 

3. Aphrodisiacs

Muira Pauma and the blue lotus flower are two (of many herbs and plants) that are scientifically proven to produce aphrodisiac qualities. These aphrodisiac herbs have been cherished the world over. It is agreed by many scholars and historians that many Greek and Roman gods—as well as ancient civilizations existing thousands of years before “Western civilization”—indulged. Generally, these herbs have been used to stimulate the physical senses of attraction during love-making or lustful activities of venereal desire. This makes it particularly useful for couples who need an extra “boost” in the bedroom in order to maintain a healthy libido. A few other natural aphrodisiacs are Korean Red Ginseng and Maca.

4. Stress Relief 

Without a doubt, stress is one of the primary reasons most people seek out aromatherapy (and other therapeutic procedures). There’s no denying that we live in a predominantly stressed-out society, one that is constantly on the verge of mental (and psychological) breakdowns. Essential oils such as lemon oil, lavender and peppermint are world-renown for reducing stress. Kratom strains that perform comparably well are Bali, Thai Red Vein and Kanna. 

5. Eliminate Physical Pain

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, sore limbs or are simply feeling the deteriorating effects of aging, there is no shortage of physical pain going around. This is why the pharmaceutical industry is incredibly lucrative: the more painkillers and medications they produce, the more income they generate. There are, however, less expensive (and inherently healthier) natural botanical alternatives. These include Kanna kratom, sakae naa, Ginger, Devil’s Claw and Turmeric.


Whichever aromas you choose to use for aromatherapy, there is no shortage of methods that you can use to reap the stellar benefits of this form of medical treatment. You can buy an essential oil diffuser and combine a palette of oils or inhale these scents and aromas directly (sprinkled on a cloth), receive massage therapy that makes use of these oils, or simply soak for 20-minutes in a bath infused with any of the aromas mentioned above.