About alcohol addiction
Alcohol addiction is classified as a disease where an individual cannot stay for long times without alcohol and have to be under the influence of it all the time. This addiction is real as it can cause changes in the brain of an addict and make it very difficult for them to control their actions and as a result this addiction can cause a person to make a lot of mistakes in their daily lives and lose a lot of friends. 

They start to lack motivation and cannot do anything completely and then start to fail in different aspects of their lives rapidly. They start to make the drunken part of their life the normal and the sober part the occasional. That is where Alcohol treatment centre become very crucial. These centers exist to pull out individuals carrying the disease of alcohol addiction out of it and back to a normal healthy lifestyle.

About alcohol addiction centers
As mentioned earlier, alcohol addiction centers are really important institutions in today’s world as alcohol consumption is at a record high and as a result the alcohol addiction is high as well. So it is important that these centers exist to help people. Not everyone suffers the same level of alcohol addiction and that is why different types of alcohol addiction centers exist, some of which will be highlighted. Starting with the common one, which is the residential treatment, it is the most mainstream one where a patient is made to stay at a facility specifically designed to help alcohol addicts, most government run rehab centers are like these. A much simpler form of these centers are the ones where only detoxification is done, here the stay is usually much shorter than residential treatment centers. Here the only process is done is the one where the patient is cleared up of all toxicants from their bodies. Another simpler process is that where simple counseling is done. This process can be done both in groups and one on one as well. This treatment is preferably done together with other minor processes such as detoxification. Here the patients are made to discuss their situation and are made to realistically accept their addiction and motivated to lose it. Whichever the process might be, detoxification will always be at the core of it as it a very important process without which other methods will fail if this isn’t done together with them. Apart from this type of alcohol addiction centers there are other much complex centers where the process is to eliminate the addiction from the root so that the person stays sober for a long time. At these centers, the doctors will look into the underlying cause of reliance on alcohol and try to cure that. These causes can be depression or anxiety of some sorts. Another thing these type of centers do is that they will treat your body completely from the addiction to other parts as well so as to have a lasting effect and to eradicate the problem completely.