Caffeine addicts in the world can pair up anything with their favourite cup of brew but there are some amazing food items and snacks that are prepared essentially for consuming with coffee. If you too are a foodie and a caffeine addict at the same time, then this blog is exclusively for you. Here are the ways in which you can pair some of the very delicious food items with coffee. 

Pairing with chocolate 

Although, some people have a habit of consuming coffee from their nespresso capsules in the UK but coffee can be prepared in multiple ways. Also, there are multiple varieties of coffee and some of them go excellently with chocolate. Here are some chocolaty treats that you can pair with your coffee. 

 Dark chocolate - The taste of dark chocolate is somewhat bitter and this is the reason it goes brilliantly with coffee. 
● Brownies- they are surely the favourite chocolaty item of a majority and pair beautifully with full-bodied coffee. 
● Chocolate dipped fruits - chocolate dipped fruits and dry fruits are absolutely delicious. These chocolate dipped fruits and dry-fruits taste heavenly with dark and rich coffee.  

Pairing with Breakfast food items 

Breakfast is the ideal time for consuming coffee and during that you can pair your coffee with a number of food items. Here are the options for you: - 
● Oatmeal - Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast and is very good for your tummy. Coffee is another healthy drink and you will love how they both combine with each other. 
● Pancakes - Pancakes should be announced as the official breakfast food item and a cup of coffee sounds and tastes delicious with it. 
● Omelettes - the savory taste of an omelette is a good contrast to the strong coffee and it is therefore, an amazing option for you.  

Pairing with the fruits 

Pairing with baked goodness 

Coffee and bakery generally go hand in hand, it is the ideal companion for coffee. Here are the best baked options for you to pair up with your coffee: - 

● Doughnuts - Who on the earth is not a fan of doughnuts with a cup of cafe? No one indeed! Non filled doughnuts taste the best with coffee as they have less sugar content. 
● Biscotti - hailing from the parts of USA, biscotti is a darn good accompaniment for coffee. The best part about biscotti is that you will find them in a variety of flavors and types. You can go for the classic almond biscotti, chocolate, cherry and multiple other types of biscotti 
● Coffee breads and coffee cakes - As it is evident from the name, these coffee breads and cakes are especially created to consume with the coffee. These dissolve in the most heavenly way in your mouth with the coffee. 

Coffee is undeniably better in taste when consumed with some snacks and you should therefore, get an accompaniment for your coffee right now. Here are some of the options for you to help you pair coffee with some good options.