With the increasing technology, there are umpteen new type diseases which we need to watch out and stay healthy. Nowadays there are numerous diseases which may or may not be life-threatening. But we need to take care of yourself, your family and children and be on the safer side.

Swine flu: What exactly is it? How is it spread? Is it preventable? Know them all now! Swine flu is a type of infection in the body which is caused by a virus known as the Swine influenza virus. When a person gets this flu, he has a fever, sore throat, running nose and body aches etc. Here are some of the basic symptoms of Swine flu which will help you to identify it quickly and take necessary actions and medications. 

Symptoms of swine flu:

The symptoms of swine flu are:

● Fever, which can be 100 F or greater: This is the main symptom of swine flu. The person suffering from fever for more than 3 days needs to be taken for a treatment immediately. In swine flu, you need to check the body temperature of the infected persons frequently. Here the body temperature rises, so the person stays cool to normalize the body temperature.
● Chills and shivering: Chills occur when the body is feeling cold which is followed by shivering. The chills are due to drop in the body temperature. This can be reduced by covering feet and keeping the person warm enough. 
● Cold and cough: Cold and cough is the most common symptom of swine flu. A sneeze can turn into a cold in no time and you can head it of if you treat it wisely. Many people are totally confused about treating the common cold; what works? Or what is effective? Go to war with the cold with the basic remedies which work off quite well. Of all the remedies, taking stem is the perfect one and does suits all. 
● A Sore throat: Got up on a cold winter morning and felt an itchy throat? Or had loads of ice cubes in your drink last night? Just a small sore in your throat can be painful, annoying and not life-changing but voice-changing. This is the early symptom of swine flu and can be treated at home with the kitchen ingredients. Lemon remedies are perfect for all and work most powerfully. 
● Body pains: This is the most annoying of all the symptoms of swine flu. Body pains affect our routine and a disturbed mood too. The best way to have a relief from body pain is to have a cold shower; by this, the person will feel better and will be relieved by pains to a great extent.
● Lethargy and fatigue: When a person suffers from swine flu, he feels very lazy and inactive. The person tends to have a tired and dull state. This lack of energy can be accompanied with drowsiness and the person may also feel exhausted. This can be treated by having plenty of water and increasing the intake of vitamin B12 and C. 
● Dyspnea: In this symptom of swine flu, the person finds difficulty in breathing and feels short of breath. This feeling of suffocation can be treated by just by having plenty of water. If the person has this symptom, he immediately needs to seek a doctor.
● Nausea and vomiting: Vomiting sensation is a very common symptom of swine flu. The best way to ease it is, the person can have large amounts of water or liquid or semi-liquid and must avoid solid foods.

The above-mentioned symptoms of swine flu can be seen immediately when the person gets infected. To avoid this flu you need to be protected and safe. Here are the preventive ways from which the swine flu can be avoided.

● Get your vaccination done on time.
● Keep yourself clean and wash your hands frequently.
● Avoid going in public places if swine flu is in season.
● Wear a mask if you wish to go out.
● Avoid direct contact with unhygienic people around you.
● Do not come in contact with the infected person.
● Have a check on food and eat only hygienic food which is properly handled.
● Stay inside your house if you are sick or even sensitive or prone to get infected too quickly.

With these preventive measures, one can avoid flu and stay on the safe side.