Strong memory and good cognitive abilities depend not only on nature but some other things as well. Sometimes, students complain about poor memory or absent-mindedness but there are several techniques which will help you stay mentally sharp. 

In very deed, too much depends on the lifestyle of a person. Some adults consider that only vitamins or prescription drugs can boost their memory and enhance productivity. Partially, they are right but when you are young, it is possible to do this avoiding drug intake. Use our techniques which will help you improve your learning abilities and memorize the new material faster. 

1. Eat a Healthy Diet. 

You are what you eat – every person knows this rule but not each of you follows it. In sober fact, young people don’t control their daily meal and sometimes even can’t memorize what they eat today. Nevertheless, you should consume only healthy fats instead of fast food. Students are young people and they don’t want to have an issue with food and as a result, their daily meal doesn’t provide them with the appropriate amount of nutrients. 

If your overarching goal is to enhance your memory, you should eat more fresh vegetables, fats containing omega-3 and other healthy food. Are you hungry? Don’t visit the nearest MacDonald’s and choose more healthy meal instead! For instance, nuts comprise a number of antioxidants which can conduce to the stimulation of brain. 

2. Reduce the Consumption of Trans Fats. 

If you don’t control what you eat, you won’t notice how many products comprising trans fats you consume per day. They are commonly found in processed products. If you eat them on an ongoing basis, you will notice that your learning abilities will be lower. Furthermore, they promote the appearance of diseases as cancer, heart stroke, obesity, etc. 

3. Add More Physical Exercises to Your Life. 

If you don’t have an opportunity to engage in sports activities every day, you should do this several times per week (2 or 3 times are enough). You just need to pick up the activity you like most of all and finally start training your body. As a result, you will notice that your mental activity will also be better! 

It was scientifically proved that sport influences the work of your brain. After jogging or any type of training, you will notice a surge of energy and have enough power to work on your homework. 

Physical exercises also reduce the hormone of stress and allow you to keep your blood pumping. Regular health-promoting activities will help you stay fit and improve your grades at a higher educational establishment. 

4. Do you sleep yourself out? 

When we are young, we don’t control this aspect. We want to live instead of sleeping! Nevertheless, if you notice that your grades became lower or you became absent-minded, you should do anything to change this situation. You should sleep 7 hours per day. Sometimes you may think it is impossible, but if you lay down an aim, you’ll do this! 

Scientists proved that sleep is crucially important for your cognitive ability. If you can’t control this, you should create a daily schedule and follow it: 

• Every day you should go to roost at one and the same time. 

• Forget about your smartphone or tablet before you go to bed. Scientists proved that the blue light of screen suppresses melatonin. After that, you simply can’t fall asleep. 

• Don’t drink coffee in the late afternoon. 

Try to regulate this issue, and you will notice that your mood will be better and your mental activity will also be improved. 

5. Avoid Stressful Situations. 

It is really hard to do this, but you should try! Any stressful situation conduces to the damage of hippocampus. Chronic unsettling situations lead to the destruction of brain cells. As a result, your learning abilities will also suffer. 

How not to pay attention to stressful situations in your life? 

• You should have a balanced life where you not only work or study but rest too

• Try not to get knickers in a twist. 

• Avoid multi-tasking. 

• Always express what you feel because negative emotions will gradually destroy you. 

Life is not perfect and in some instances, we simply can’t avoid stressful situations. If it happens, you should learn to control your behavior and know how to retaliate against them. 

6. Always Try Your Hand at New Activities. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of testing new activities. We used to have a regular lifestyle where we do the same things every day. As a result, you may simply get bored! Don’t be afraid of trying anything new. All new activities in your life will stimulate the neurological system and improve your well-being. 

Scientists call these activities as cognitively demanding. They will enhance your memory function and help you learn your own abilities. You’ll realize that you are capable of doing lots of other interesting things.