As time progresses and diet fads come and go, consumers are always looking forward to trying the new and next big thing that can help progress their weight loss and achieve healthy, long lasting or permanent results. 

One way to achieve these milestones and lifestyles improvement is obviously through general calories and carbs. While also focusing on consuming more fruit and vegetables. This can be a huge change to most people, maybe even too much of a change, resulting in a large obstacle to overcome. This brings me to the most efficient and diet additions on the market, both the praised Ninja Bullet and Nutribullet. Both newly styled and modern blenders offer a new way of consuming many foods in healthy ways, and they both have their pros and cons.

To start off, I think it's best to present both the pros and cons, as well as the many included beneficial features through a simple review and analysis. It's also an easier way to compare the two popular blenders, that seem like a popular option for athletes, or people just trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So here is my discussion and my information loaded analysis, the nutribullet vs ninja review.

The Nutribullet is a modern and newly crafted blender that advertises itself to have several advantageous features compared to others. It is stated that the Nutribullet comes in a compact size, easy cleanup, and nutrient extraction power included that you probably aren't likely to find with any other competing blender. 

The Nutribullet is seen as an ideal accessory for people seeking easier and healthier lifestyles and to help serve those with busy lifestyles. Pros with the Nutribullet would be the easy compact design, partnered with the fact that it fits easily onto any countertop or kitchen service, and is able to plug into any standard outlet. It also includes a unique extractor blade, that has the ability to twist into the easily applicable Nutribullet cups, which allows you to extract and drink from the same source. The included cups are also seemingly a pro with the product itself, seeing as they are dishwasher safe and the blades are easily cleaned with the addition of soap and water. The biggest seller and advertised feature that the Nutribullet includes their nutrient extraction abilities. The included form and method with the Nutribullet is said to break down fruits,vegetables,nuts, and seeds to those lowest, most absorbable state, and Nutribullet has even developed their own line of food products. This chain of events are also helpful to the release of included nutrients in the fruit, and deliver food to your body in a more easily digestible form.

Unfortunately, there are some included cons that may seem unappealing to some, which may send them to other available choices. While the Nutribullet strictly advertises their nutrient extraction abilities, this can appear unappetizing to some. For example, it is stated that the Nutribullet performs more than the action of juicing, as well as blending, and where the food is so broken down to its weakest state releasing many nutrients, it may have a very different taste or unappetizing texture, or even feel too soupy. Another con would probably be the compact size and design, seeing as this can be listed a pro for some people, for others, they may desire something a bit bigger. If a consumer is looking for a new product to help make easy smoothies and release nutrients, they may be looking for something that can hold more than a few food products.

The Ninja Bullet, sometimes also known as the Nutri Ninja, is another blender that includes various pros and cons. However, for most it may seem like an upgrade, or even just a quick replacement for their old blender or even their old Nutribullet due to the many available mechanisms that ensure a high quality product. The Ninja Bullet isn't just a simply push and stop blender, it includes many other controls that can alter your desired outcome. The inclusion of the Auto-IQ provides intelligent controls for both nutrient and vitamin extraction. The Ninja Bullet can also come with many accessories, even featuring cups, like it's competitor, the Nutribullet. You are also able to maintain perfect results consistently with main nutrient extraction due to the pre programmed settings which also add to the overall quality of this new and improved blender. With a 1,000 watt motor base and pro extractor blade, it almost feels as if the Ninja Bullet is the best product to invest in and purchase, seeing as it could really help in the long run, but as with nearly every product, there are also cons. The cleanup consistency compared to the Nutribullet may not be as efficient, nor as easy. The Ninja Bullet is able to maintain more fruit and vegetables, thus allowing for a larger selection and more combinations, which are both huge pros, with one downfall, which is the cleanup methods.

In conclusion, both options are great in their own various ways, but they do have some pros. When it comes to these two blenders and leading a healthy lifestyle, it really seems that it all relates to personal preference and choice. Whether it be decided on due to additional features, power ability, different blades as well as cups, the consumer will probably end up being happy and looking forward to using their new nutritional blender consistently.