The medicinal properties of marijuana have been known for many years, but it has not been so many times that it was known that the most potent cannabinoid known to date was not THC, the cannabionoid with the most medicinal properties is CBD.

What is Cannabinoid (CBD)?

The CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that are there in plants with an atomic composition very same as THC, but the opposite of the latter, does not have psychotropic effects, in other words, it does not produce effects of Drunkenness, euphoria, dizziness or THC-related characteristics, and usually the varied use of marijuana.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has different properties and therapeutic benefits. An attractive aspect of this cannabinoid is the low toxicity it possesses and the simple fact that it contains few undesirable side influences: in bad case, an excessive dose could lead to sedation.

That is, CBD contains low correlation with cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), but it works more significantly with other receptors in the body, such as GPR55or 5-HT1A .

CBD works best if consumed with other cannabinoids

A study published in 2015 in mid-February in the journal Pharmacology and Pharmacy states that an extract of the marijuana plant rich in CBD and other cannabionoids, has a better efficacy than purely used CBD, other cannabinoids, Odoriferous terpenes and some other elements found in the plant that exercise in natural association to improve the management of the CBD and specifically its ratio, dose and efficacy.

Therefore, it is transcendental to use, when possible, products that also possess other synergistic atoms and not exclusively the CBD, the isolated character. Normally products with CBD for consumption are capsules form, oil or spray with CBD.

How to consume the CBD?

The dose of CBD is never well determined by science yet and varies according to the condition to be treated, but it is usually started with 1mg of CBD/kg of body weight and gradually increasing until the effective dose is found.

It should be noted that the study published on the Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research website in June 2016, which shows that CBD consumed orally can cause adverse effects of THC on gastric acid in the stomach. This could be manifested why certain infants who consume CBD for epilepsy face the side effects of THC, such as numbness. Therefore, consumption of the CBD is specifically recommended via the lingual, to prevent it from passing through the digestive tract.

There are so many diversities of marijuana with certain levels of CBD and THC in equitable proportions. These genetics have less strong psychoactive squeal than the classic diversities abundant in THC and agree to benefits from the CBD effectively.

Currently many marijuana seed banks have recently created different medicinal marijuana varieties with much more abundant amounts of CBD than in THC, you can find marijuana seeds with high CBD in store. Cbd oil reviews can help in deciding which one and where to buy. 

Diseases for which the CBD is useful

Inflammation, Pain, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Depression, Antipsychotics, Nausea and vomiting, Reconstruction of fractures, Protection of the liver among others.

Inflammation and Pain: Cannabidiol has good anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, both in topical creams or by oral or oral consumption.

Therapeutic: Cannabidiol, serves as a therapeutic way to reduce the damage caused by inflammation.
To treat depression and Anxiety: CBD is an efficient anxiolytic, which allows prevention of depressive mood at all stages, as evidenced by all the different studies that have recently been done on the subject.

Cannabidiol will be useful effective in combating panic attacks and anxiety attacks. You must know how to buy cbd oil online and get rid of anxiety.


The CBD is useful for certain cases of patients suffering from very severe attacks of epilepsy attacks reluctant to classical medicines, specifically with children, such as the West, Dravet or Lennox and Gastaut syndromes. You can read more about Cannabis and epilepsy.


Cannabidiol has important antipsychotic benefits, used exclusively to combat schizophrenia.
Vomiting and Nausea: Cannabidiol has antiemetic benefits, avoiding or reducing nausea.

Chronic diseases of intestinal inflammation.

Acne: The CBD contains anti-inflammatory results on human and tactical way to treat, which agrees to be an effective element in the acne treatment

Neuropsychiatry and Neurological Conditions: Cannabidiol shields neurons from further degeneration, this shielding benefits is especially useful in the fight against neurological diseases.

Reconstruction of fractures: Cannabidiol (CBD) fast tracks the recovery of bone fissures by stimulating the action of osteoblasts.

Cancer: This plant is totally effective to combat some various cancer that is the objective of several studies, thanks to its antitumor benefits.

Cannabidiol specifically has the advantage of obtaining an ant angiogenesis action, i.e. it prevents the development of new blood channels necessary for the development of tumors.

Diabetes: CBD is helpful to decrease the squeal of diabetes. But CBD helps to treat the difficulties associated with diabetes such as retinopathy or diabetic heart disease.