Gallstones can cause quite a lot of pain, irrespective whether you are passing them or still have them in your gallbladder. The reason why you feel the excruciating pain is the blocked duct and passage ways. These gall stones may differ in sizes and numbers.

While you might just possess one big gallstone in your organ, there are also chances that you might end up with several smaller gallstones over a long period of time. Some of these gallstones might be passed with urine. This can only be possible when the stones are exceptionally small in size. In case the stones are bigger and cannot be passed with urine, the second option you have with you is to dissolve gallstones with the help of medication. Grocare has been working towards producing and supplying the market with some of the best and medicines when it comes to dissolving gallstones.

What exactly is a gallstone?

Before we get onto gaining more knowledge on how to dissolve gallstones without surgery, it is first important to understand what gallstones exactly are. The gallbladder is a pear shaped organ placed right below your liver. The function of this organ is to produce digestive fluids that break down the food particles and makes it easier for the body to digest them and pass on what needs to be excreted. The gallstones are the by-products of the digestive fluids also referred to as bile, which passes on into the small intestine. These digestive fluids leave behind sediments that then come together over time to form gallstones.

Common facts about gallstones and its causes:

There are a few facts that medical experts believe that all patients and their families should know. These facts include-

●    The Gallbladder stops the ducts leading from the gall stone, which lead you into experiencing unbearable pain.
●    It is not mandatory that all patients with gallbladder stones will experience the pain.
●    Whether you at all experience the pain or not, depends on the size of gallstone or gallstones in your gall bladder.
●    When you gallbladder does not empty efficiently enough, the bile inside the gallbladder starts getting concentrated and forms sediments.
●    When your liver starts excreting more cholesterol that the normal level in your gallbladder can dissolve, the cholesterol starts crystallising, often taking the form of gallstones.
●    Becoming overweight and staying like that for a long period of time also leads to the formation of gallstones.
●    An improper diet under many circumstances serves as the reason for gallstones.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, an unhealthy lifestyle can also become a major reason for the formation of gallstones.

Medicines to dissolve gallstones:

While some doctors will immediately prescribe surgery for removing gallstones, you’ll have to understand that, that is not always the cure. Removing the gallstones by surgery do not confirm permanent cure. They might re-appear. In this case surgeons often opt for the removal of the whole gallbladder. In order to avoid such extreme steps, the best option you have with you is to settle for medications that create a proper synchronization between the liver and the gallbladder, reducing the chances of bile settlements and excess formation of cholesterol. Three such medicines produced by Grocare include, GC, LIPICAN and ACIDIM. These medicines have been noted to bring about success in 89% gallstone cases and are some of the best and most efficient medication around.