Do you have any idea about the stomach acid in our body?

Stomach acid is the hydrochloric acid secreted by the gastric glands of the stomach to aid in breaking down and digest the food we ate. The stomach acid is corrosive in nature and therefore, to protect the stomach from this corrosive stomach acid, a natural mucous barrier bicarbonate and prostaglandins is produced in the mucous lining by some cells lining the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. When the balance between the acid and the mucous barrier is disturbed, your stomach gets disturbed and develop acidity.

Therefore, it is very crucial that for our gastric glands of the stomach to secrete enough stomach acid to digest the food we ate. If there is deficiency in stomach acid, we will not be able to digest anything properly. Thus, we will face more problem with acid reflux and GERD. So, this is the reason that we need more stomach acid to balance and for proper digestion.

Why do you need more stomach acid?

The real problem begins when we are lack of stomach acid. So, we always need more stomach acid. You can read a detailed article here:

One reason for more stomach acid is for our body to properly absorbed vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, etc., we need adequate stomach acid. For example, it is very crucial in terms of Vitamin B12 to have sufficient stomach acid without which severe Vitamin B12 deficiency can occur.
Another reason is that with the inability to digest food properly, harmful bacteria can attack the stomach causing acid reflux or acidity or other stomach problems. Enough level of stomach acid will help you to keep yourself out of reach of harmful bacteria and other micro orgsnisms.

With the advantage of age, the capacity of our body to produce stomach acid is lessened and that is the reason we face stomach acidity problems more and more. It makes us unable to digest food properly. Thus, it does concern our health. There can be consequences like poor digestion as discussed above. This can result in gas, bloating, belching, diarrhea/constipation, autoimmune disorders, skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and a host of intestinal disorders such as Crohn’s and IBS.

So, what can be done for our body to produce more stomach acid?

First of all, we can change our lifestyle and eating habits. So, the main point is eating the protein rich foods at the beginning of your meal. The reason being that when we start eating, the stomach acid is produced in excess amount. So, if we eat protein rich food at the beginning of our meal, then our food can get digested easily. Otherwise, our acid will get wasted and when we need acid to digest the food, there will be no enough hydrochloric acid.

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