With the current pandemic, the only option to workout is at home. For many people, including myself, this can be challenging. Where to start? What to use? How should I do this? 

Two factors are necessary to workout: the tangible of the available time, energy, and equipment and the second is the motivation to begin working out - perhaps the most difficult element. For some people it helps to go to the gym where you pay to come and have available instructors and personal trainers; working at home doesn’t have the same level of accountability, which is why the motivation is extra challenging. 

Below you’ll find four pieces of advice on how to get started working out at home. We hope that it will encourage you!

1. It has to be funny and motivating

Given the unlimited possibilities to spend your time (Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc.), it’s challenging to make the conscious decision to not do that and workout. Hidden benefit of working out at home: watching Netflix while cycling or doing your workout is acceptable! 

Certain exercises might seem weird given the lack of available equipment, but embrace the weirdness with a sense of humour. A good piece of advice: Start with the type of exercise that you like the most, either if it’s yoga, weightlifting, or cardio and go from there!

2. Consider training with other people

For some people, it just feels more comfortable to have a friend that can keep one motivated. Even though the workout is at home you can easily be two or more people and do it remotely if they don’t live with you. It tremendously increases motivation and if you want to invest in equipment for the home gym, you could split the expenses with your roommate. 

3. The surroundings are crucial

No matter if you prefer the gym or home workout, the surroundings really matter for your training. It is important that you feel comfortable and that you’ve got the space that you need. 

Turn your living room or bedroom into your own “pain cave” or gym. Embrace it. Blast your favorite music or watch your hype videos. It’s weird, but will pay off. 

Therefore, consider which of the rooms in your home is most suitable for the workout - not to forget the equipment you might need and have room for. It could be that you perform best in a room where you are able to close the door and avoid disruption, or otherwise you might need a place where you are able to keep an eye on the kids while working out. 

4. Invest in your equipment and in your recovery

For your home workout, it can be necessary to invest in the right equipment - good news is that it can be EXTREMELY cheap. For instance, kettlebells are extremely durable and qualified for many different exercises. Another great investment is an exercise mat. That will ensure that you are always comfortable, even after several stomach exercises or similar. I recently bought an indoor trainer for my bike for $25 and one set of dumbbells for $15 off the internet. Find deals and keep it cheap if you’re on a budget. 

A third example of great accessories within the home workout is a foam roller. Often the body gets sore when you begin new exercises since you are using other muscles than you are used to. Therefore, it’s a great idea to use a foam roller and in that way you are able to give yourself a massage for the sore muscles. The foam roller has a smooth or bumpy surface and gives a massage of the muscles. You’re able to carry out many exercises with a foam roller but the most common one is the massage of the thigh muscles that most oftenly can get very sore subsequent to a tough workout session. 

Extremely limited and no budget for it? Incorporate push-ups, use a backpack with weights in it, use your furniture, be creative. Look on Instagram for inspiration. 

As a part of the recovery, it can also really help to eat and drink well so that your body is ready for the next session. It’s always a good idea to consume protein which you can get from protein powder or simply by adjusting your diet in tiny manners. 

We hope that these tips can inspire you for some great performances in your home!