What with all the temptations that they face coupled with the inability to devote much time to the task of staying fit, it’s easy to see why students fall into a number of unhealthy habits while they are away at university.

If you’re a uni student that is guilty of not looking after your health and wellbeing as much as you should, then it’s high time you made a change. If you’re not careful, your unhealthy habits will become the norm for you and, ultimately, they will have a long-lasting impact on your health. Therefore, it’s vital that you resolve to make some changes.

To find two tops tips for staying fit while you are away studying at university, be sure to read on.

Move to a university renowned for a sporting culture

If you’re planning on going to university in the foreseeable future and don’t want your health and fitness to be affected when you do, then you should opt to move to a student city that is renowned for its sporting culture. The reason behind why you should do such an action is really quite simple: the more physical activities there are for you to enjoy in your new location, the more likely you will be to partake in them and ultimately stay fit.

One student city that certainly fits the bill in this instance is Sheffield, England. Here, you will be able to swim in an Olympic-size pool, you will be able to dive into the world’s deepest diving pool, you will be able to play ice-hockey, and you will be able to climb the world’s biggest bouldering wall. What’s more, the Peak District can be found near this part of the UK, which means that you will have a location that is perfect for walking, cycling, and rock climbing right on your doorstep should you decide to move to Sheffield. If this sounds like the perfect place for you to move to, be sure to check out https://omniaspace.co.uk/sheffield-accommodation/ for more information on affordable student housing in the city.

Rent accommodation that requires you to walk to your classes

If you haven’t got the drive to go to the gym or to go on a jog of your own accord, then you have to trick yourself into getting physically fit. One of the best ways to do this is to rent accommodation in a location that requires you to walk to your classes. You don’t have to move miles away from your campus — doing that will just result in you being a hot and sweaty mess every time you turn up to class! You just have to position yourself far enough away from your university’s main hub to ensure that you are getting an ample amount of steps each day.

It’s not just your health that stands to benefit should you put the above advice into practice — your performance in the classroom will also be likely to improve. By resolving to be a bit healthier during your time at university, you won’t find yourself lagging come the afternoon; you’ll be eating foods that make you more alert, and ultimately you’ll be much more enthusiastic whenever you step foot inside your lecture halls.