It's time to get fit, and when you finally do and achieve what you were out to do, you want to flaunt it. Here are 6 ways you annoy your friends on Facebook when you get fit. Check it out!

1. You start posing up your yoga moves on social media.

People notice, get jealous too.

2. You post before and after pics.

You become a gymspiration to some. Okay, to most actually. Well done!

3. You finally get to lift your shirt up and show off your belly.

You're bragging. It's your right. All that sweat and tears and this is the result!

4. You post up your running goals.

Let's hit 1,000 km!

5. You detest oily food. Or anything unhealthy. And then you groan about it online.

Because being fit isn't just about working out. It's about eating right.

6. People might think you're all these things if you're one or the other. You might somehow have an opinion on this.

It's okay to be however you want, after all, it's your body. Don't body-shame others.

7. You've never felt better in your life. And it feels great showing it off.

That bod, those moves. Everything is going well for you. 

Keep it up!