False eyelashes provide you with all the extravagance you need to make any occasion special. There are many types of false eyelashes, and mink is the absolute best quality among those. But if you are more conscious about animal cruelty or if you have an allergy to animal fur, you can opt for mink false lashes. They give almost the same texture and are noticeably cheaper than the real thing. 

Before starting off on tips and hacks related to mink false eyelashes, you need to understand that practice is required to get the ideal look. If you are new in the business of making your eyes pop with false eyelashes, you can begin small. For cutting and attaching practice, you can begin with cheaper plastic extensions. These will allow you to get confident with the process without burning a hole in your pocket.  

You can move on to mink false lashes once you feel that you are ready for the real deal. Following are some tips and hacks meant to make your life easier as you attach false lashes to your eyes:

Trimming and Customising
This is a tip you would see everywhere. And it is a good tip because everyone's eye shape and size are different. Moreover, the look you want to go for might be different than what the eyelashes will present if you put them on without any customization. While the inner corner of the eye is generally preferred to be undramatic, the outer part of the lid is where the magic happens. If you want extra flair to your look, you can also add cut-up bits from your mink false lashes to the outer corner of your eyes. 

That being said, you do not need to follow any set rules when it comes to customization. Experiment and see what suits your best. One small thing to consider during customization is to keep the length a little shorter than the length of your eyelid. This is because you need to keep the false lashes away from the inner eyelids as it may hamper your vision.

Putting on the Adhesive
There are different ways of putting glue before you attach the false eyelashes to your eyelids. Some people put it on their eyelids and then attach the false lashes on it, while others put the glue on the false lash strip and then stick it to their eyelid line. Whichever way you work, there are some factors to keep in mind.

If you are putting the adhesive on your eyelid, use a fine-tipped brush for the process. Take care not to touch the glue to your natural lashes. Once you are done with the application, you need to wait at least fifteen seconds for the adhesive to get sticky before you start with the attachment of the false lashes. Hold the mink false lashes in place so that the glue sets and you are ready to go.

If you prefer putting glue on your fake lash strip, you should take a long hard look at your technique. Do your lashes get ruined when you accidentally get too much glue on them? If you place the hand holding the lashes on the bottom and the hand holding the adhesive bottle above, you are practically giving the glue permission to ruin the lashes. You might squeeze a little hard, and ungodly amounts of glue will fall on your lashes. 

In this case, what needs to be done is to keep the glue upright and the false lash strip above it. This will help you as you will have more control over the outflow of the adhesive, and the lash strip will only have as much glue as needed with a no-fuss application. 

Placement of your head and the mirror
One of the most debated suggestions in the false eyelashes world is the placement of the head while you are attaching mink false lashes. If you have a dressing table mirror, then your head placement would be different than when you have a smaller mirror whose placement you can manage based on your requirement.

If your mirror is in front of you, you can change your head position by tilting your chin up and moving your head back. It would help if you looked straight into the mirror to get a clear view of your lash line as you maneuver the mink false eyelashes and the adhesive. 

If you position the mirror beneath you, you can see the natural lash line without having to move your head in extreme positions. Whether you use a hand mirror or a swivel mirror, all you have to do is lay it flat on the table and position it so that the false lash application goes smoothly.

Do not forget Tightlining
What is Tightlining? Tightlining means covering up the spaces between your mink false lashes. You might think that bare spots are negligible as is, but covering them up with gives you a more natural look. Use your eyeliner to cover up any spots that might be left after applying your false lashes. One of the ways you can tightline is to pull your upper eyelid and gently fill in the gaps with liquid eyeliner.

Your false eyelash game can really be stepped up if you follow these tips and hacks when you are getting ready for a long day or a special occasion. If you are comfortable enough with mink false lashes, you can also make a bulk order to cover the span of months in one go. Contact your mink lashes supplier, and you can get great deals and offers on your mink false lashes. 

Whether you choose natural mink lashes or manufactured mink false eyelashes, your application process will remain much the same. You will need to curl and erase the difference between your natural and false lashes. Mink lashes resemble your natural lashes closely, so investing in them would be a sound decision on your part.