Today, we are going to talk about eyebrows templates. Even though, eyebrows and eyelashes makeup is quite popular, still many people don't know exactly what are eyebrows templates.  This is why we provide you with this article. Thanks to this you are going to know much more about eyebrows templates. Hence, you will be able to properly use this templates and trust us you are going to love them. Believe us, thanks to the eyebrows templates, your eyebrows are simply going to look lovely.

Eyebrow templates

Many of us dream of beautiful, perfectly shaped eyebrows, which is why when eyebrow templates appeared on the market, they gained great popularity. You can buy them at drugstores or make them yourself by downloading printable templates from specific websites. Eyebrow templates are made of flexible, transparent plastic that can be adjusted to the desired shape. Typically, the product contains several types of templates so that you can choose the closest to our natural shape of the eyebrows. Their price is not high, and eyebrow templates can be bought at a price of several pounds. This is why you should definitely think about investing in them.

The use of eyebrow templates

Eyebrow templates were created with the airbrush technique in mind. Eyebrow companies picked up the idea to apply them in everyday makeup. The goal was to make eyebrow makeup easier for women who have trouble with styling them properly. The effect, however, turned out to be the opposite, because painting eyebrows with it is not so simple. The main problem arises when choosing the right template. It should be selected individually to the facial features and natural shape of the eyebrows, which is different for each of us. The best solution is to create your own pattern or cut your own pattern, which is not easy. Hence, you should ask for help, professionals.

Practical application of eyebrow templates

In order to paint eyebrows, apply the template evenly, at the right angle and with the selected product (eyebrow pencil, shade or pomade) in a matching color, paint an empty area. Various waterproof eyebrow pomade with a precise brush will do this perfectly. Having an individual template, we can also use it to precisely adjust eyebrows, removing hair from outside the painted area. Who would I recommend this product to? People who have thin or light eyebrows. This will give you the effect of a perfectly drawn "arc". Thanks to this your eyebrows are going to bring attention.

Very useful help for easy and pleasant eyebrow styling

Eyebrow templates are extremely helpful and useful accessories for eyebrow regulation and styling, which work well during permanent makeup and microblading; to be able to get the perfect shape. Most often they are intended for multiple use, and their use is not complicated at all, so everyone should be able to handle this.  Eyebrow stencils are in most cases made of durable, but also easily adherent to the skin. They can also be used during: eyebrow painting with a pencil, applying henna on eyebrows, adjusting eyebrows or performing already mentioned, microblading.

Eyebrow templates allows the microblading

Microblading does not thicken eyebrows, nor does it cause new hair to grow. However, it allows you to give them a natural look, because the hair is drawn on the skin. It is professionally called the introduction of pigment with a micro-blade into the epidermal layer of the epidermis.

Three weeks before surgery, eyebrows must not be dyed or adjusted. The procedure itself is preceded by a questionnaire in which you need to provide information about the ailments and medications you take. In some surgeries, you must also sign a statement that if the procedure fails, the client will not file a complaint. For many people, this point is quite controversial, because it removes responsibility for the final result from the salon (which lasts up to two years).

Because the appearance of the eyebrows after the procedure, as well as during the washing off of the pigment, depends both on the professionalism of the beautician and the type of pigment used (some are washed out in orange or red), it is worth making sure before the final decision about the qualification of the person performing the procedure, as well as what dyes they use.

Before the procedure, the client and the beautician must choose a dye - for the effect to be natural, the pigment must have a color identical to the hair color. Then anesthetic ointment is applied to the eyebrows. Before it starts working, the beautician draws the contours of the eyebrows with a pencil and special templates, which will then be filled. Effects (if the procedure is handled properly), are simply amazing.

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