Are you currently looking to flash your gorgeous lashes this year? You can now achieve any eye look you're wishing for because we're going to share you with the latest tools and tips. All you need to do is choose your lash look. Check out our article below.

  • What You Will Need: A brush with plastic or silicone bristles. 
  • How To Do It: Hold the wand at the root of your lashes, and do a one clean sweep toward the tips for an even and not so bulky layer. Then, use the top of the brush and do a few strokes on the tip for extra boost.

  • What You Will Need: A black eyeliner pencil, and a volumizing mascara wand.
  • How To Do It: Start by creating the illusion of a thick lash line by tracing your waterline with a black eyeliner pencil. Then, place a volumizing mascara wand at the base of the lash line and wiggle it back and forth, working your way up from the roots to the tips. Let the mascara dry for 10 seconds before applying another coats for more extra volume.

  • What You Will Need: A fan brush with a tapered end to enhance the winged effect, and individual faux lashes.
  • How To Do It: Hold the mascara wand diagonally and pull it through your lashes toward your temples for that wide-eyed sexy look. Get a falsie and dab it into lash glue before placing it on the outer corner of your lash line. Apply 2-3 each side. Lock the falsies in place with a mascara.