Telling your children whom they can trust.

Talking to young children about dangerous people is never easy. You may want to warn about "strangers", but most kids can't distinguish between "low risk" strangers (police, shop assistants) and "high risk" ones (the man on his own in the park after school). It can be confusing to see your parent talks to strangers, or to have to talk to strangers such as doctors, then to be told strangers can be dangerous.

Even worse is having to shatter child's trust in familiar people, not strangers, who pose the most risk. Fortunately, children's stories and videos are full of wicked "familiar" people.

The witch who offers Snow White a poisonous apple, for instance, is in fact her stepmother. This can be a good way to introduce the topic.

What experts advise is to focus on feelings so children learn to judge situations. If anyone suggest anything that seems bad, they should say no, whether that person is a stranger or family friend.