You love your car, take good care of it, and wish to enjoy it even more, don’t you? For this reason, it’s time you performed a few hacks and raised your experience up a notch. Nothing too pricey or extravagant (well, depending on your wishes). 

Check out what you could to give your favorite four-wheeler a cool makeover.

Replace the Seat Covers
One of the most obvious and affordable signs of a car makeover is replacing car seat covers. Nowadays, there is quite a choice in design and material. You can go for a basic cloth option in whichever design you wish for. More importantly, if you’re a regular gym-goer, then buying a specialized waterproof seat cover makes perfect sense (it’s anti-skid and machine-washable too).

Yet, nothing beats the smell of real leather when it comes to a dash of luxury. To fit like a glove, they have to be installed by a professional too.

Steer with Style
Once you’ve covered the car seats, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t cover the wheel too. Leather or cashmere will protect your hands in winter as well.

Customized Car Mats
They can really make a difference because they reflect your lifestyle so well, so pick smart. You can go for all-weather, easy-to-clean ones (but make sure they are thick enough). The such are normally made of rubber. Mind you, some can have a pretty strong smell that doesn’t go away even with the best car air conditioner, which is another thing you could get to set the mood in your car. 

Our main advice here is not to be in a rush when buying these.

Carpet-like car mats are awesome and prevent any spills or dirt get to your car. On the other hand, they’re far from perfect for winter conditions.

Say It Loud
Now, some may say a fanfare car horn is a bit over the top, but who cares. Your enjoyment is all that matters, so why not give the others a heads up of your arrival with the fanfare you (and your car) fully deserve?

Cool Car Stereo System
Now, this can be extremely fun to play with. If you’re the type of person that would rather enjoy some cool music during their (commute) ride than listen to the latest news, then it’s pretty obvious what needs doing.

However, this can take up quite some time. There are speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers to think about, and let’s not forget the receiver. Take your time and consult with a pro. If you do it right, you’re in for the ride of your life every single day. Your company will be impressed too.

Make It Shine
You want to leave an impression the moment you pull over? Here is a brief list of basic to-dos on the car’s exterior:

  • Ceramic coating — not only is your precious protected from scratches, dirt, and poor weather conditions (up to a point), but it will literally give it the glow it deserves. Done by a professional, this nano-particle protective coating will serve you well for a couple of years.
  • Try a new wheel finish — if replacing tires is too much at the moment, at least you can spice things up with raw chrome, aluminum, or hyper-chrome. If you can, go all in with the new tires too.

Now that you have all of these laid out for you, where should you start from? First, think money matters, and then pick your priorities. With a sound plan, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to customize your ride with all of the above!