It is a felony in India to ride a motorbike without insurance. As the law states, the bike owner must possess a minimum of third-party insurance, which offers limited coverage. It is where comprehensive two wheeler insurance becomes the most viable option. Besides, it not only offers protection to your two-wheeler vehicle but also to you. One way to further strengthen your bike insurance policy is to select various riders. These are insurance policy provisions that tend to amend the terms of a basic motor insurance policy in your favor.

Adding rider options to your basic policy offers protection against many unforeseen events that may not be covered in the basic policy.  

Here are some rider options for your two-wheeler insurance policy which you can add to enhance its benefits:

1. Zero Depreciation Cover
As you use the vehicle year after year, its total market value depreciates. In instances where you want to replace its parts or repair the damages due to an accident, the insurance companies will pay according to the current market value of your vehicle, i.e. IDV. However, if you have chosen a zero-depreciation cover while purchasing the two-wheeler policy, you become eligible to claim the full amount, where IDV of your two-wheeler is not considered.

2. Personal Accident Cover
Personal accident cover for your two-wheeler vehicle is a crucial rider, which covers you against contingencies. In case your bike gets involved in a fatal accident when riding on a highway, this rider will provide financial assistance to you and the co-rider against hefty medical bills. 

3. Accessories Cover
Accessories cover offers protection against damage to costly electrical and non-electrical accessories, which you have added to your two-wheeler vehicle post purchase. It covers the loss and damage costs for repair or replacement of such accessories arising due to an accident. 

4. Passenger Cover
Many uncertain situations can arise, especially while riding on highways. The basic two-wheeler insurance policy usually covers the rider for contingencies. However, the passenger cover protects the person riding along with them. It offers protection against uncertain demise or disability of the passenger, and is thus, a beneficial cover you should add to your policy.

5. Medical Cover
Medical cover is an essential rider option as it helps during the most crucial times. Since the medical treatment cost is rising, this cover bears it all as arising due to an accident.

6. Roadside Assistance
There can come a time when you can get stuck on a highway or a deserted road where getting help is not easy. Roadside assistance offers protection against such situations. You can inform your insurance company about the situation and get the required help to visit nearby authorized service station for repair or replacement of the damaged parts of your bike.

Get the Best Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy
Selecting the right two-wheeler insurance policy is your responsibility to safeguard your bike from unforeseen events. Adding riders to the basic policy is essential as they help enhance overall coverage. They also cover your bike and you against many contingencies that may or may not be covered in the basic policy. You must also know that the rider options you choose comes at an additional cost. Although they are essential for protecting you and your bike against many unforeseen situations, you must choose them as per your specific needs.

Buying two-wheeler insurance from a reputable company can also help you get maximum benefits. One such reputable insurance company is Tata AIG, whose two wheeler insurance cover offers protection against various contingencies. Its dynamic and dependable customer support has helped gain a large customer base in the country. Some of the rider options provided by Tata AIG to help enhance your basic cover are personal accident cover, zero depreciation cover, emergency medical expenses, accessories cover and similar others.
Having fewer wheels on your vehicle does not mean less care. Opting for additional covers while buying the basic two-wheeler insurance policy will only help you save money in the future. Therefore, you should analyse your two-wheeler insurance policy while buying to get enhanced covers.