In the 21st century, it's possible to keep your car up and determine all about your car maintenance by using your mobile phone. It is beyond the expectations of how a cell phone will determine your car's fuel, or its consumption, etc. It's not easy to take care of your vehicle as it needs a lot of time and funds. 

Car or any vehicle users have to pay much for their sudden oil or fuel end, for tuning and other maintenance. This issue could be fixed by using mobile apps that, before time, let you know that your car is running short of any of the essential liquids. Most of the smartphone apps are introduced to serve car users perfectly.

Such apps are designed and developed to make the life of car users easy. These mobile apps provide valuable information and let you know how you can take care of your vehicle economically and effectively. Such apps offer premium features or characteristics that may aid your car maintenance and other processes.

1. Repair Pal

The most crucifying part of car maintenance and ownership is spending your money on car repairs. Most of the dealerships and independent mechanics charge extra for the parts and services. They make money by leaving you unaware and charging you extra for a little repair work even that should cost much lesser than they say. A mobile app named "Repair Pal" carries on your relaxation of mind and assists you, ensuring that you don't need to pay for car services, whether you need a part replacement, an oil change, or any other major repair.
This app is uncomplicated in use. All you need is to put in the make & model of your vehicle along with the required repair. Repair Pal will do the rest for you & come up with an estimated price for the needed service based on average costs in your area. If the price offered by your local dealership or mechanic is higher than Repair Pal's estimate, you can recognize the rip-off immediately and take your business somewhere that provides a fairer price.

2. Fixd App

A fantastic app that is developed and designed to keep focused on a variety of needs of a car user. This application will make it easy for you to understand your vehicle in the right way. Fixd app sends you notifications whenever there is an issue with your car. It detects all the problems related to your engine and lets you know about all of them instead of unclear guess what might happen to the most crucial part of your car. For example, p0012 code or p0010 code, with which even the best mechanic in your town can have an issue to recognize. Even while driving, the application assists in noticing the problems and lets you know how to deal with them timely! This app is a bundle of premium features as it reminds you when your car needs maintenance services like tuning, oil change, wash, and many others. It also allows you to determine the health of multiple vehicles at the same time, using the same app.

3. Car Minder

An app is introduced for making you remember all services your car needs. This app reminds you when it is required to send your car for tuning service. Car Minder is designed and developed to keep the focus on the needs of vehicle services. This app assists a user in remembering to make a schedule for your car maintenance services. Just add up information about the maintenance and details about the car. This app accords the user to have a history or complete record of services of your vehicle so, you may get to know the costs and expenses for major car repairs and maintenance.

4. GasBuddy

An app that is helpful and useful for a vehicle owner is GasBuddy. It can track-mind. This app also serves as a car maintenance app. Due to considerable differences in Gas prices. Even in the corners of the same city, it is tough to cooperate with overcharges. Gas Stations that are offering their services near roads where there is a massive demand for gas mostly charges extra prices to cash their demands. In contrast, the gas stations in residential areas far away from main roads charge less comparatively. It would be too awful if you got short in fuel and have to drive back to a gas station with low prices, which might be located across town. This app assists in this regard by letting you know where are low prices of gas available in your area near to your current location. This all happens when you got gas, and you enter clear directions of that specific station to this app, then this app assists you in getting to this station whenever your car is short with gas.

5. Fuelly

An app that is designed to support more in the matter of vehicle's fuel. As its name refers to the primary function that this app performs is fuel related. Fuelly app makes it convenient for a user to have a complete calculated record of the fuel and gas process also the price per mileage based on the costs of gas today. Fuelly helps you to set customized reminders for your car maintenance services. This makes you remember, and you would never forget to get maintenance of your car as per the schedule.


Nowadays everyone needs help not in their matters but for their vehicles too. Various users need help related to their vehicle maintenance when there is no one to suggest to them for their car matters. Keeping in mind all these needs and requirements, some experts developed apps that help in car maintenance, Gas availability, and many others. Some of the most common apps that one must have, we described above.