When you purchase a car, there are important bits of information and different items of paperwork that you need to keep track of. It can be quite overwhelming. The most important document that you must hold onto is the vehicle certification of title, more commonly known as the car title.

So, what is a car title, and why is it so important? We'll answer both these questions and provide much more information on many other details if you keep reading. 

What is a Nevada Car Title?

Let's start with the basics. The car title is the official document that establishes who the legal owner of a vehicle is. You won't need it during your everyday life, but it is necessary when you are buying and selling your car. While we list out the information that will be included in your car title below, be aware that they can vary from state to state. 

Consequently, we recommend that after finishing this article, you go and check online or at your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and see if there are any items on your automobile title that you need to familiarize yourself with. 

So, here we go with some of the details that you will find on a car title. 

Name on Car Title

The first piece of information that will be included on the car title is the Name or names of the owner(s) of the vehicle. Once the car title has been issued, you cannot change this. The name on the title will only change when the ownership changes through a purchase or donation. You may have a name change during the time that you own your car. You'll need to sign with your new name under the original name that is on the car title. 

VIN on Car Title

Next up is the Title Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. Each vehicle in the United States has its own 17 letters and number combination to help authorities identify them. It is also physically located on your car; the whereabouts will depend on the car manufacturer and model. 

Odometer Meeting on Title

When you are purchasing a vehicle, the Odometer Reading is critical. There is a section on the car title that will make a note of what the odometer reads on the date of purchase. This is to help verify when the vehicle came into your possession in case of an accident or if it is stolen later on down the road. 

Vehicle Weight Class on Title

The Vehicle Weight Class is a simple one, and its only use is in determining which weight class your vehicle belongs to pay the car registration each year. Somewhat logically, the higher the weight class, the higher the registration cost will be. 

This next section is only of interest to you if you used some form of financing to buy your car. If you bought your vehicle all in cash, then you can ignore it. 

Lienholder on Car Title

The Lender's Name and Address will be written on the car title because, in Nevada, the title certificate will be kept by the financier/lender until the loan or Nevada title loan is fully paid off. The lender will be noted as the first secured party, and their address and signature will be on the title alongside it. 

If you're buying your car second hand or looking to sell it, then this is probably the most important detail on your car title that you want to familiarize yourself with. 

Title Assignment Section

The Title Assignment Section has two sections, each of which will be filled out respectively by the buyer and the seller. This part is very important for both sides of the deal. You mustn't make any mistakes when you are filling out your details here. If you make a mistake then you cannot cross it out to correct – you have to request a brand-new car title, and this can be a nuisance.  

All of the information above has hopefully provided you with the answers to any questions you may have had about car titles. We've tried to cover the range of curiosities, from whether it was simply what a car title definition is to what an automobile title is meant to be used for. Of course, there can be more complexities, and as we mentioned right at the start, there are differences between states on how car titles are laid out, managed and the kinds of information that are included. 

So, check with your local DMV in addition to reading our help above to make sure you are completely content, you know all you need to know about car titles in Nevada.