In a bus crash that took away his son’s life, Rochelle Sobel the president and founder of ASIRT established the humanitarian organization in 1995. Since then the Association for Safe International Road Travel has worked tirelessly to promote safer ways to travel on the road through advocacy and proper education. 

The establishment reports that nearly 1.25 million people pass away due to road crashes every year and nearly 20 to 50 million additionally are left severely injured or disabled. Other authorities on the subject of car-related injuries report that in the US alone more 90 Americans lose their lives due to car accidents. Furthermore statisticians calculate that on an average every 18 years or so, a driver may become involved in a car accident. states that even though vehicle-related fatalities have decreased considerably over the years by more than 30% as per the findings of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nevertheless death by a car is still considered as a daunting impediment for an average American in the US to reach their life expectancy of 78.8 years. Though our objective over here is not to simply terrify you regarding how dangerous driving a car is, the basic purpose is to remind you of the evident threat and how it can be managed properly. In this post we would like to share with you some great advice as to why an auto injury doctor is probably a reasonable contact that you must have in your phonebook. So let’s take a quick look at how they can play a significant role in minimizing your loss in case if a horrible event occurs due to misfortune.

Why Seeing a Doctor After an Accident Should Be Your Priority?

While the obvious reason for acquiring proper treatment for your injury is no doubt apparent, seeing a doctor without any delays can often help you in more ways than one. For instance do you know that delaying your appointment with the doctor can reduce your chances for receiving a complete PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage that is granted to civilians of some of the selected states of the US? This plan not only includes your medical expenses related to the recovery of the injury but in some cases also offers you coverage for lost wages and other damages. Hence if you are living in Florida, Delaware, Kansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, New York, Utah, or any of the other 7 states (not listed here) that offer citizens with mandatory PIP coverage then you know it can be a big deal.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that delaying your treatment will eventually decrease your chances of having a favorable settlement towards your case. Hence if you wait too long, the insurance company might claim that you made falsified statements about them. On the other hand your quick and proactive decision to meet with a doctor will help you receive all the proper documents that can then assist you to deliver a winning case for your attorney. Thus this will not only save you in the end from a lot of trouble that follows alongside a car accident but also helps you in making a full recovery and reducing the chances of worsening your conditions regarding those injuries that you have sustained but did not register them immediately. 

How to Find the Right Doctor?

Car accidents are a unique case considering the fact that the initial trauma of the event might leave you dazed for days and this might suggest that the pain and discomfort that you felt has left you. However, the nuisance of the injury prevailing and hitting you back in the future always remains. This is why you need a professional doctor who can help you with the following:

They must be a specialist who handles such kinds of cases so that they are more directed towards your treatment pertaining to a car accident primarily.
You must inform them of your medical history so that they can offer assistance regarding any of your previous mishaps as well.
Your primary care doctor or those referred by legal services should be avoided since you need expert advice to save you from further related complications. 
Specialist doctors provide you with complete support as they know how to manage proper evidence and present the necessary documents to file your claims.
There are specialist doctors available that can treat your specific injuries. 
The doctor of your choice must know how to handle these injury cases properly. 
Lastly, they should be qualified and experienced enough to offer you regular treatment until you reach MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). 

What Are The Most Common Car Accident Injuries That You Must Know About?

 It goes without saying that after establishing the severity of the situation revolving around car accidents that you must after all know about the most common types of car accident injuries. They are:

Brain injuries and head injuries that can range from mild to traumatic.
Collar bone, neck, and spinal cord injuries.
Broken bones and fractures for ankles, arms, legs, ribs, and wrists.
Internal injuries where the ligaments, muscles, and tissues get affected as well as organs, resulting in internal bleeding and swelling near the region of impact. 
Lastly, there is no doubt that this entire ordeal can leave anybody severely shaken and cause intense psychological injuries which might need prolonged treatment through therapy.

When Chiropractic Care Becomes Mandatory?

Since car accidents often result in many people in need of proper medical care, there are times when a situation can quickly go out of hand and falls into the category of chronic issues. Here are some of the reasons when chiropractic care becomes viable:

When injuries are more deep-rooted and not easily observable.
When non-invasive procedures and treatments can save you from more expensive forms of care.
When muscular damage can be repaired through the body’s natural healing process and through the reduction in overall inflammation of tissues and ligaments. 
When pain-reducing medications can have a tendency of being developed into addiction by a patient.
When chronic pain can be resolved through adequate chiropractic care.  

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to why a car accident doctor can unmistakably help in case of vehicle-related accidents. For more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your opinions in the comment section below. Always drive with your driving license and follow the law, they are there to protect you and others. Stay alert and stay safe until next time, Bon Voyage!