So, you are a proud owner of a new SUV? It is hard to keep your eye off on that sleek body and great shape. You can see the look of envy in the eyes of your neighbor. Well, all that glory and shine will go away if you do not take good care of your SUV with regular care and maintenance. Of course, it means you need to give it more time and make some efforts as well as spare some cash for servicing and maintenance. You can take a payday loan for the regular car care for your SUV at and need not fret over on how to get that extra cash.

Every car owner should take good care of his vehicle so as to keep it running well and in good condition. A well-maintained car not only looks more attractive but eats less of fuel and thus is environmentally friendly. Here are some useful tips to keep your SUV in good condition for a long time to come. 

 Choose a reliable auto center with expert mechanics – Always select a professional auto care center and sign a maintenance agreement. Make sure that the center carries a good deal of experience with SUV models.

Go for a regular maintenance schedule – Having regularly scheduled visits for your SUV means catching a problem very early on. It also means that you save lots of time, efforts, and money as a regular service keeps the vehicle working at top performance.

Keep an eye on the fluids- Check the engine oil and add oil routinely but do not overfill. In case you find a leak, get it inspected and fix it soon. Do not forget the windshield washer fluid needs to be checked occasionally as it is also essential. The older vehicles still have power steering fluid, and its level needs to be checked.

Check the manual for any replacements- The Drive Belts and Hoses need to get replaced every two to three years. So, you must replace them even if they do not show signs of any wear and tear. Always stick to the recommended replacement by the manufacturer as to when to change the timing belt. Typically, the belt is changed every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Look at the brakes and tire-pressure – Get the brake system examined carefully and ask your mechanic to check the tire pressure. Any excessively worn out parts should be replaced right away. Accurate tire-pressure gauge should be used to measure the pressure of the tire as lower tire pressure leads to lower gas mileage.

Listen to your SUV and watch out for the road conditions – Every vehicle gives warning signs if something is wrong with it. As a responsible car owner, you need to be watchful and look for those problems under the hood. Keep an eye on the road conditions that can add stress for the car, and you need to be more careful when you drive.

Go for a warranty – Most SUV manufacturers and dealers offer warranties on car servicing and maintenance. However, read the warranty carefully and always demand original parts, and the SUV dealers must honor his commitment.

Educate yourself and drive carefully- One should know a bit more about their SUV and read the Owner’s Manual carefully. It would help if you know the type of oil used and when certain parts are giving trouble. Always drive carefully and show respect for other cars on the road. As you have invested loads of money in the SUV, you would, of course, want it to last for many years and keep it in good working condition with regular care and servicing.