To all the college graduates out there, it is about time you guys buy your own car. Whether it is the new Volkswagen, or the Mercedes. You are a graduate now, heading towards your work life and require a transport vehicle of your own. After all, transportation is necessary and if you have your own ride, it is not as heft on your pocket either. It is more reliable as well.

However, safety should be the first thing that you should be prioritizing, especially if you want to save money. Moreover, if your vehicle is safe to use, you can save on car insurance.

Other than that, the things that you should not be missing out on are class and work. So, get a vehicle that you will be able to depend on and here is how!

Total Budget 

Although prices are not the only thing that you need to consider when buying a car after graduation, you will require a budget keeping in mind the expensed that would be occurring in the future. Evaluate the other monthly expenses as well, when you are buying a car. Factors such as rent, student loans, the cost of health insurance and other debts. You will not have enough money for everything if you spend most of your income on either of the two. So, it is better to make a proper budget list before moving on with the things, so you can save enough and spend at the same time.


Before spending too much and making a huge purchase, keep a check on your credit. Since you have just graduated, your credit history will not be what you must have expected it to be. It may be a little different. Another thing that you should be keeping in your mind is that student loans do not give you a credit history right after. 

Owning a credit card that has a low limit can enable you to boost your credit before the expected schedule. Although having a low credit history does not mean that you cannot get a car. Knowing your credit score beforehand will help you look at the errors, giving you enough time to correct them.

Save Up

Buying a car does not cost pennies so make sure you start saving right away. You will need money for the insurance, down payment and tags as well. So, it is better to keep some money aside every month, when you get your pay check. Maybe save at least a 100 dollars per check if possible. That way you will have money for a new car faster, compared to if you do not save up. Save more than this if you can, because you will be taking care of most of the expenditures all by yourself.

New or Used

There is no harm in choosing between a used or new car. Although used cars are economical for fresh grads, new cars have the benefit of warranty and offer the latest features and technology.