With the rise of accidents on our roads, we keep on losing our loved ones in car crashes. Accidents are terrifying for everybody and can draw a lot of emotions from victims. Statistics reveal that more than 6 million accidents occur every year in America. News of these disasters has become daily highlights that make us wonder how we got to this point.

The most significant contributor to accidents lies in high levels of traffic. Distracted drivers, as well as the weather, are also causes of road accidents. Road safety begins with each of us. That is why we will look at how you can reduce these numbers and what you can do in case you are a victim of an accident. Learn more!
Preventive measures for accidents

As a driver
Avoid distractions
Most times, drivers cause accidents when they are busy replying to a message or talking on the phone. Such habits make them focus less on the road to observe a pedestrian trying to cross. If drivers could stop this habit, the streets would be safe for passengers.

Don't speed
Going beyond your speed limits raises the chances of causing an accident since it slows down your reaction time. Most speeding drivers are in a hurry to get somewhere or deliver something. Instead of such rush, plan your time well to avoid putting the lives of innocent people at risk. Every driver should understand that speed limits are there for a reason.

Avoid driving under intoxication
The phrase "don't drink and drive" is interpreted the opposite by some drivers. In as much as the government uses devices to catch such drivers, some of them escape the hands of the law and end up causing accidents.

Drive cautiously in the rain
Water makes the roads slippery, and congested is everybody trying to evade poor roads. If you drive carefully under the rain, your automobile will not skid on wet grounds. Traffic police should also do more to reduce congestion, especially in poor weather.

As a passenger
Put on your seatbelt
Most states in America are strict on using belts for every passenger. This is a useful policy in reducing the impact in case of a car accident. They have been proven to minimize injuries in crashes. Do not neglect that belt since it could save your life.

Don't be the distraction
Most personal vehicles get into an accident due to distractions from friends in the car. Even if you are talking to the driver, ensure that they concentrate more on the road than on you. 

Keep Calm
In as much as you enjoy music as you travel, don't make it too loud such that the driver does not hear sirens or horns from other vehicles. 

Do not obsess on your phone
If you are a pedestrian passing a busy high way, keep your phone away as you cross the road. Do not use your headphones or earphones on the road. For a passenger, don't distract the driver with phone conversations. You may make them lose focus.

Help your driver navigate
In as much as GPS is essential in navigating, it can distract you from looking up. Help them navigate by telling them where to turn so that they don't keep on looking down. Speech navigation is also a practical guide.

What should you do if you are an accident victim?
Seek medical help
Call the local authorities and ask for an ambulance in case you need it. Remain calm and avoid moving if you are in pain. Do not disregard how your body feels even if you don't have visible bruises. Sometimes, internal injuries occur without one knowing it. The emergency crew can miss something during diagnosis, therefore, get a second opinion from a doctor.
Exchange contacts
The authorities, as well as other parties involved in the accident, may ask for your information. Ensure that you exchange numbers for further communication in case you need to sue your driver. You can also find a friendly police officer and maintain their contacts to follow up on your case. 

Determine the cause of the accident
Since there are many causes of an accident, finding out the exact reason can help you to file for damages. For instance, you could sue a reckless driver in the car you were using, or both drivers in case of a collision. Understand what happened before you can give your police statement and file for a suit.

Understand the forms of damages you can claim
The damages in a car crash depend on the circumstances of the accident. For instance, an accident may cause pain from severe injuries or the damage to properties if you were traveling with goods. Your medical bills are also types of damages. Some accidents lead to disabilities and loss of wages due to the inability to proceed with work. 

Gather the necessary resources 
Get every small detail that could create a strong case in your favor. For instance a medical report from the doctor, key witnesses at the scene of the crime as well as police reports. You can ask the police who handled your case to provide you with pictures of the scene. The more the evidence, the stronger your case will be.

Find a competent lawyer
Winning a personal injury lawsuit is easier if you have an attorney from a reputable company.  You need a qualified representative to increase your chances of winning. Get someone with experience in such cases and coordinate with them not leaving any information. 

Consult a lawsuit funding company
You can get lawsuit loans in case you need the money for your medical bills. They give you cash in advance to get your life back as you await court proceedings. In such cases, the lawsuit funding company does not suffer any loses because the chances of you winning are high. 

Final thoughts
From the above, we learn that all of us can be a cause of an accident. Let us keep our roads safe by using the strategies we have discussed.For the victims, go through the right channels to claim for damages from the accident. We wish you quick recovery!