It’s definitely not easy to get a decent used cars nowadays from your average car dealer. Luckily the deal is only hard until you know how to handle that guy. After you learn the tricks below you will see how easy it is to get what you need for little money.

Do note that the following tips are hard and harsh. If you a softer person, you may prefer looking for used cars for sale by owner near me on the internet.

How to make or break that car deal?

First of all you will have to beat the seller at his own game. Here are several life hacks that work!

•    If you know the car you want – just email a few of them about all the details, the color. The year of the car and whatever else. Ask them if they have one. Sellers have the habit of luring people directly into the store and they use lack of details and clarifications to say “yes, we have a car just like that”. The more you describe, the higher are the odds only fitting sellers will reply.

•    If you see an ad with the perfect car – ask all about it in advance. Say something like, “Do you still have that black Challenger 604 with chrome and vinyl?”Why? Because sellers, as I said before, love to lure buyers into the store and can even display a car they don’t have.  You don’t want to deal with that!

Once in store

Now that the initial part of your acquaintance with the dealer is over, it is time to finally set your feet in the store. Here’s what you should do once there:

•    Don’t be alone. Grab a friend or a family member for the ride. The truth is that people are vulnerable when alone, especially under pressure. You will be surrounded by an unknown environment where the salesperson is king. You need backup.

•    Don’t talk too much. In a negotiation, the first person to speak looses. If you like a car and feel like paying for it – just wait a little bit more. Don’t show interest. In 10 cases out of 10 you will get an initial discount. Same can be said about any displays of enthusiasm or excitement. Imagine you are at the poker table and try your best to bluff as hard as possible.

•    The last, but not least – never say what you are willing to spend. That question “how much are you willing to spend” is not something used to help you while picking a ride. It’s used as a plank for the dealer. He will use your initial limit and tailor whatever he is showing to it. Heck, he might even show worse cars for a higher rate and leave all the better ones beyond the limit.

Now, that you are armed and ready – enjoy that new ride you will get !