Congratulations new driver! Welcome to the fast-paced world of motoring. You’ve probably got your eyes on the hottest new motor already. But, hold up. Can you really afford it? Is that car really the best choice for your lifestyle?

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We feel your pain, we really do. We know you’ve spent months preparing for this moment. You’ve spent hours on a driving exam website, doing endless practice tests. You struggled through the practical exam, with a stranger breathing down your neck and watching your every move. Now, all you want to do is treat yourself to the car of your dreams. If only it were that simple. What you need is a cheap, economical, safe car. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We’ve pulled together a list of the best cars for new drivers. Let’s dive in.

Ford Fiesta

It might be the most popular car on the road, but there’s a good reason for that. The Fiesta is one of the only cars that consistently ticks every single box. It’s practical, reliable, and affordable. It gets fantastic mileage, so you’ll save money at the pumps. It’s got a five star safety rating, and it comes with long warranty. It’s also fun! Which is the missing ingredient in almost all of the Fiesta’s competitors. You’ve just passed your test; it’s time to enjoy driving. And, let’s face it, you definitely can’t afford the hottest cars on the market. Trust us, the Fiesta is the most fun you can have in an affordable car.

Hyundai i10

We have to say, we couldn’t be less excited by the range of new ‘city cars’ or micro cars. These little mouse-sized cars are built for the town environment. They squeeze into tiny parking spaces, and sip their fuel gently to get the very best mileage. Great on paper, but in reality, it feels like driving an aluminium can. They’re flimsy, and they start to shake if you get over 40 mph! At least, that was our experience until we tried the Hyundai i10. It has all the benefits of a small city car. But, it also addresses all the bad points. It feels sturdy, and it will move up through the gears with confidence. It feels safe and secure. It’s fantastic. And it’s cheap.

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Mini Cooper

A big part of you is buying the car as a status symbol. New drivers are less impressed by CO2 emission statistics, and more interested in the style. In that department, you’ll struggle to beat the iconic Mini Cooper. It’s a firm favourite among new drivers, and we love it. Yes, the price tag is a little high But, you get what you pay for. Wonderful engineering, and a timeless design.

Volkswagen Polo

The VW Polo competes for the same ground as the Ford Fiesta. In fact, they’re very similar cars, only the Polo feels like a better build. For new drivers, the Polo provides a feeling of safety and confidence. After all, that’s what you’re looking for when you’re still feeling a little shaky behind the wheel.

So, new drivers, which of these cars would you choose for yourself?