Jaguar Land Rover is the UK-based automaker behind two of the world’s most iconic car marques. Ever since the brands got bought by Indian automaker Tata Group, significant investment has got made into the firm.

As a result, the company has seen a rapid rise in its global fortunes. In a recent press release, Jaguar Land Rover announced they are creating an exciting new research project. One that it feels could revolutionize the auto industry!

image via flickr

360 Virtual Urban Windscreen

The first of two items Jaguar Land Rover is developing is what it dubs the “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen.” At the time of writing, almost all cars on the road today have “A-pillars” that obstruct one’s view of the road ahead.

But with the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, that will change. Jaguar Land Rover are working on technology that embeds screens onto the surfaces of each A-pillar. These screens would project live video feeds from cameras around the car.

They are also going to be doing the same thing with the B and C pillars on the sides and back of their cars respectively. In effect, one will have complete visibility around the entire car! It's a superb idea and something you would have thought automakers would have come up with by now!

It seems that Jaguar Land Rover aren’t the only people interested in developing such technology. A few days ago, we wrote about the Iveco VISION van concept. One feature of their concept van is semi-transparent A-pillars.

But Jaguar Land Rover wants to take their 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen technology a step further. Rather than just projecting a live video feed on the pillars, they wish to increase road safety even further.

They plan also to include what they call a “high-quality head-up display” on the windshield. The HUD would detect and highlight the movement of any cars or pedestrians on the road. It is hoped the technology would help drivers spot other road users much quicker.

Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation

Before you ask, Jaguar Land Rover are not doing research into the paranormal! The aim of their “Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation” is to enhance satellite navigation technology.

Most cars you buy from places like have built-in satellite navigation. You usually activate such systems through LCD displays built into the car’s dashboard. But there is one fundamental problem with today’s in-car satellite navigation. It’s distracting!

Although satellite navigation directions are spoken, drivers still look at the dashboard LCD screen. As you can imagine, this increases the chances of drivers having auto accidents. Jaguar Land Rover think they have come up with a 21st-century solution to this problem.

In a nutshell, the Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation involves projecting an image of a “ghost” car on the windshield. Instead of looking down at the LCD screen on your car’s dashboard, you would just “follow” the ghost car on your windshield!

The automaker says that such new technology will make life easier for drivers and lower the risk of auto accidents.