The rumors of what model will succeed the Bugatti Veyron have been going around for awhile. But now, Bugatti president Wolfgang Schreiber shot down the rumors concerning a production version of the Bugatti Galibier four-door concept. As quoted by Top Gear:
“We will not produce a ‘SuperVeyron' or Veyron Plus, definitely,”

“There will be no more power. 1200PS is enough for the chapter of Veyron and its derivatives,” Schreiber added.
According to Schreiber, the decision has to do with them not wanting to dilute the brand’s philosophy or confuse staunch Bugatti customers.
“Everyone knows that Bugatti is the ultimate super sportscar. It’s easier for current owners, and others who are interested, to understand if we do something similar to the Veyron. And that is what we will do. There will not be a four-door Bugatti,” Schreiber explained.
When asked whether it could feature a hybrid powertrain, Schreiber just replied: “Maybe. But it's too early to open the door and show you what we have planned.”