Every weekend is the moment when you relax, you detach yourself from the activities during the week and you seek to do things that your time would not normally allow. You can have a city-break, get out with your friends, or you can simply stay at home and enjoy some time for yourself. 

You can either go for some video games, be it console or PC, but also online games such as casino games where you can use your phone to play either online slots or regular table games such as online poker. Casino games are primarily a way of relaxing and entertaining. Each type of game has its charm and benefits and is even more attractive when you have more options. Online you can play all your favourite casino games like slots, roulette, cards, bingo, keno and more await you at a click away. If you wouldn’t like to spend your time online, maybe you would prefer to watch some movies.

Romantic and action comedies are welcome on the weekends - they relax you and take you out of the daily stress until you get tired. But if you need powerful stories that inspire you, models that strengthen you and help you do something important in life, then motivational movies are the best. The messages these movies send go through your mind and make you feel that you can do whatever you want, no matter how difficult it can be.

Begin Again

Gretta (Keira Knightley) is a songwriter, and her relationship with Dave (Adam Levine), who she loves in high school, goes through a crisis. Her meeting with Dan (Mark Ruffalo) will change her radically. Together they decide to record an independent album, although they have no money, no band, no instruments, they do not give up and manage to conquer New York with their ambition. A sentimental comedy, in which Keira Knightley manages one of the best roles in her career.

The World's Fastest Indian

Burt Munro buys an old Indian 1920's motorcycle, and driven by the belief that "anything can be repaired with minimal means", he spends his retirement days in the 60s obsessively rebuilding his motorcycle to fulfil his dream: to attend the Week Speed, a competition organized in Salt Lake, Utah. Burt has no money, no technical team and with all the difficulties he faces, he no longer reaches Bonneville but sets more speed records. The film offers exceptional new performance by Anthony Hopkins.

The Straight Story

Alvin Straight lives with his daughter, Rose, in the US state of Iowa. He is no longer young, he does not look well, but when he learns that his brother, whom he has not talked to for 10 years, is ill, Alvin is determined to go and see him. So he embarks on an unusual journey, in which he travels America for 6 weeks with a lawnmower, 500 miles away.

One Chance

The extraordinary story of a shy young man, who by day is a mobile phone salesman, and in the evening he is trying out his talent as an amateur opera singer. Paul Potts has become an internet sensation after being chosen to compete in the first edition of Simon Cowell's "Britain's Got Talent". In pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an opera singer, Paul provides an example of how important it is to not even step back when you want to reach your goal.

Love & Basketball

Monica and Quincy have known each other since childhood, were colleagues at school and played basketball together after classes. The time has passed, and the two fall in love, but life separates them: Quincy becomes a professional player and forgets about his girlfriend, but after a few years, they meet again. An exciting movie about how strong the bond between two people can be.

Everybody's Fine

An exciting film, in which a widowed man named Frank (Robert De Niro), realizes that his wife was the only connection he had with his estranged children and that he doesn't know much about their lives. He decides to get on a bus and travel across the United States, from New York to Las Vegas, to find the children he was sporadically connected with and to find out for himself if what he knows about their lives is true or they are just lying in order to give them the impression that they are doing their own thing. Frank discovers that they have problems and are struggling to find their way, but despite the dramatic accent, the film offers a ray of hope.


Lizzie is a star of American women's tennis. Englishman Peter is on the verge of retirement after a successful career, and all he wants is to take part in the Wimbledon tournament once again. The two live in different worlds, but they get closer and eventually fall in love. This unexpected spark revives the finished player and motivates him to win match after match.

Last Chance Harvey

Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) is about to lose his job as a music composer for commercials. One weekend, he leaves for London at the wedding of his daughter Susan, promising the boss that he will return to New York on Monday morning for an important meeting.

Devastated that his daughter chose the stepfather to lead her to the altar, Harvey Shine leaves the wedding before the end at the airport, but loses the plane and is fired by phone. Drowning in the drinks at the airport bar, the American meets Kate Walker (Emma Thompson), a 40-year-old former employee of the National Bureau of Statistics, whose life is reduced to work, endless bickering from her mother, and occasional meetings with unknown men. Harvey and Kate are in immediate contact, and the ever-stronger soul-bonding between them both inspires and forever transforms their banal existence.