Celebrations are always very different when you read stories of them, watch movies about it, and on social networks too.

1. Fireworks

It's not like this all the time:

The reality:

Here's a more awesome video of some epic Pop pop playing.

2. Lion dances

This is nice isn't it?

The reality: we'll just pop over to the neighbour's to check it out.

3. New clothes

The reality: Nope. Just stuff no one remembers or haven't seen you in before!

4. Snacks

The reality: You're really just aiming one: your favorite.

5. Lots of money!

The reality: It gets less every year.

6. Lots of money! (again)

The reality: You're married and you're giving it out this time.

7. Don't clean your house on the first day of Chinese New Year

The reality: Seriously, you're not going to clean it after 50 people just came over?

8. Not washing your hair, cutting your nails..

The reality: I don't think so.

9. 14 days of awesome celebration!

The reality: You're exhausted of one already. Another 13 more to go?