Kansas City is one of the most intriguing places for distillery enthusiasts. The city's long history with jazz, baseball, and liquor, and its history with Prohibition, continues to draw travelers and locals to the local distilling scene. The increasing popularity is also the result of emerging distilleries and those making a pre-Prohibition comeback. 

Beyond the city's history, the tours are growing in popularity due to the Kansas City-crafted offerings you can't find elsewhere. Consider J. Rieger's sherry-mixed Kansas City Whiskey as one example. Others flock to the area to enjoy new takes on coffee liqueur, vodka, and gin. 

Whether it's the twists on classic drinks or the newcomers, tourists are headed to KC. With all that adds to the interest in the distilling scene, it's no secret that Kansas City is one of the top distillery destinations in the country. Learn why distillery tours are a favorite among Kansas City tourists. 

KC Distiller Influence

Over twenty states, J. Rieger's distillery influence has led to the creation of tours, tastings, and bar and lounge spaces accredited to Rieger's glory. The ode to Rieger's distiller craft in Kansas City can be spotted at the East Bottoms' many tasting, bars, and lounges. With so many of KC's tours dedicated to J. Riegers, it's no wonder distillery tours are so popular among tourists that love the distiller's creations. 

Award-Winning Distillery Locations

As if the options alone weren't enough to draw tourists in, distillery tours are also a favorite among Kansas City tourists for the award-winning distiller locations. Tom's Town, located in the Crossroads Arts District, boasts local favorite brews at the award-winning Crossroads Arts District distillery. 

Popular, Historical Locations

KC is also home to the oldest distillery resting west of the Mississippi. The location, Holladay Distillery, is one of many popular attractions in Kansas City for its history alone—others like S.D. Strong, a distillery in Parkville crafts each spirit in a cave that rests nearly 65 feet underground! Strong Distilling operations are conducted entirely underground, just as many operations were during the bootlegger days, and this also intrigues tourists to Kansas City.

KC Distillery Tours Offer VIP Treatment And Samples 

When you attend a Kansas City distillery tour, you not only get to visit some of the most famous distilleries in the country, but you get to taste samples of the best-crafted brews as well. Many tours offer VIP access so that you can sample spirits at each stop. 

The City Tours Are Ongoing 

Tours are flexible and ongoing, so you can plan your trip without worrying about missing out on one of the city's iconic distillery tours. Unlike other cities that offer limited tours during prime times like Octoberfest, you can check out and enjoy distillery tours in Kansas City year-round. 

Plan Your Trip To Kansas City's Iconic Distilling Scene  

With a rich history and one-of-a-kind brews, Kansas City outlasts time with its impeccable distillery tours and tastings. Schedule your tour and plan your trip to one of America's most iconic cities and distilling scenes.