The Bible took place in a time when there was, well, lots of violence. From murders to political plotting to when morality itself was a question, rather than a subject. Now a designer has built a map to help us navigate the text in the bible.

Programmer Daniel G. Taylor created an encyclopedic visualization of 463 of the Bible's major contradictions. Each vertical blue line represents a different chapter, ordered chronologically.

Every vertical blue represent a different chapter ordered chronologically. The red arcs trace each representation about a specific person or concept. It ranges from mundane to monumental. Clicking the red lines will take you to every relevant quote form both Old and New testaments.

Taylor is interested in analyzing the Bible visually to reveal common threads through the entire story.

"This website aspires to be a beautiful and interactive resource for skeptics and believers alike to explore some of the more negative aspects of holy books," he writes.

Check it out below: