The great "Canned vs. Bottled" might soon be coming to an end, and here are the reasons why you should stick to the canned stuff.

Cans are convenient because they take up less space. They're also cheaper to produce. This makes them better for the environment as the packaging weighs less. You can move the same amount of product in fewer trips, which in turn reduces a firm's expenses and carbon footprint at the same time.

Canning is also better for a beer's quality because it prevents light from reaching the beer, which can affect the organic compound that give the beer its flavor.  Cans with a "double-crimped" seal are also better than bottles at preventing air from getting in and messing up the taste.

So why does bottled beer still exist? According to Dave Welz of Colorado-based craft beer company Ska Brewing, this mainly has to do with consumer preference. Some folks just don't want to be associated the outdoorsy lifestyle of its founders, which explains the recent rise of craft beer companies.

Business Insider